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How Much Should A Marketing Video Cost?

By 10th December 2020December 1st, 2023No Comments
Cost Of Making A Video

How much should a marketing video cost – Is it a brave question to ask, or a foolish one..?

 A lot of people aren’t sure, that may well be why many ask Google instead of the industry professionals whose help and advice on the topic really matter.

The question itself though, despite often being seen as an elephant in the room is in fact a fascinating opportunity to look closer at the different aspects involved in producing a marketing video; the people who dream them up, the artists who craft them, and ultimately, the people who watch them and what they may or may not do afterward.

When it comes to talking about marketing video and the costs involved, you could simply name your budget, is that always the logical most straightforward approach?

Let’s see…

Marketing videos are a product; that much the same as any other product there are good examples and bad ones, products you like and products you might go out of your way to avoid. Their end quality can vary dramatically. The price you pay is nearly always a factor because a bigger budget can mean more elements that will elevate a marketing video above the rest.

Do you simply get what you pay for? In many ways you do, cheap marketing videos can often be a low-quality letdown, high quality professional video production is always going to cost more but the end product will do all of the things you want it to and probably some things you hadn’t even hoped for.

Would you get in touch with a video production agency to ask them directly how much video costs; it would be an impossible question to answer. Every project is unique for a professional video production agency and you have to remember that what you are asking for as a customer is a bespoke product that starts from a blank sheet of paper.

Having that initial idea for a budget range is important but, much like buying a car, a cooker, or a kitchen mixer you look at what is available, you look for the best within that budget’s price range. 

That way you’ll get the best advice and a detailed description of the services on offer. Try to be open and comfortable about revealing what you are willing to pay and if you have seen videos you like, find out who made them and put them on your list of potential candidates. 

It is a much better starting point than asking various companies for random quotes without even sharing your budget.

It does happen though; we have provided quotes in the past with very little in terms of budgetary information. A big part of our ethos as industry professionals is to always follow up and touch base with potential clients. On the occasions when we find out the client went with a cheaper option, it is nearly always painfully obvious that we could have created something much better for much less.

Does that mean the client was fooled by trying to get a good deal? Yes, there’s no way around it, if something sounds cheap, it is probably going to look and feel cheap.

The positive news for anyone looking at the costs involved in producing marketing videos is that they aren’t nearly as high as they were in the past. The welcome knock-on effect from that is today, a good quality professional video, with more elements, more experienced people at the helm, and state of the art equipment is within the reach of many more people’s budgets than in the past.

But remember, generally there are no bargains in video production, if you are looking to spend less you risk getting less as a result unless you develop a positive and open relationship with the team who want to make it (and make it well).

At Dragonfly we will work closely with you, to establish your budget along with the vision you have for your marketing video. We will use our experience, skill and creativity to deliver the very best within that budget.

Get in touch, let’s show you.

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