About Dragonfly

Dragonfly will deliver a video that takes you from where you are, to where you’d like to be…. wave bye-bye to boring and say hello to video content which will re-position your brand.

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About Dragonfly

Wave bye-bye to boring and say hello to video content that will reposition your brand

Content that’s beautiful, powerful and ‘goose-bumps’ memorable

Video created with real purpose in mind

You’re here because you need the right video production company to partner with.
You know that without an effective video, you are saying nothing to no one.

Content that’s beautiful, powerful and ‘goose-bumps’ memorable
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Dragonfly will deliver a video that takes you from where you are, to where you’d like to be.... wave bye-bye to boring and say hello to video content which will re-position your brand.

…more followers, more sales, more clicks.

We’re a London based video production company and your end-to-end solution for all video services.

If you’re hoping for a cookie-cutter video that looks similar to everyone else’s, we are not the team for you.

Our team offer unforgettable video production which will leave your competition in the dust.

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Strategic thinking is the centrepiece of our offer. We’re as clever as we are creative. From production start to finish, we pinpoint your exact goals ensuring your video performs exactly as required. …and with a lasting impact!

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We're renowned for jaw-dropping ideas. Your video will come together better than you ever dreamed. Boom! There it is. That amazing feeling when you just know that you've hit the right spot.

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Dragonfly were founded in 2005, the same year as Youtube was born. That means we've been producing promotional video since online video became a thing! We’ve been doing this for almost 15 years, so we know what we are up to.

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Video content that converts

We only make videos for business. That is all we do, all we have been doing for 15 years, and all we… well you get the point!

Dragonfly are now industry leaders in video production and animation, working with the world’s most famous brands, influential organisations and governments.

The internet is saturated, and generic content no longer cuts through.

Dragonfly have what it takes to make you stand out. We’ll ensure your video reaches not just a large audience, but a great many hungry clients. With us, your video will be cleverly targeted.

In a world of clicks and shares, where time is precious and content is king, only the best video campaigns are going to hit their mark. Dragonfly offer creative, original and imaginative video services that will help you take off.

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We zoom out before we zoom in

Let’s work together to make your video a truly memorable experience and revolutionise the way you communicate.

Our videos are edgy, dramatic, appealing and absolutely unique. Through a spectacular explosion of original ideas and an avalanche of creativity, we’ll make damn sure your video gets remembered.

With Dragonfly you’re not just getting a great video. You’ll get results!

"A video company who are leagues ahead in terms of creativity, originality and efficiency"


Cinematic storytelling for ambitious brands

Stop relying upon video campaigns that people ignore. Commission an original, eye-catching video that showcases exactly what you are all about?

Get under your audience’s skin, into their minds and make them stand to attention.

Provoke a response, generate leads and make conversions!

Watch your business take off

Your video content has a job to do. We’ll help lift your brand above the bland, captivate your audience, and drive results.

From regional charities to government and some of the largest brands and corporations on the planet… Our specialists have helped companies like yours craft imaginative videos, that are never a one-size-fits-all solution.

Partner with us and you’ll always communicate confidently with prospective clients.

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Why Dragonfly?

So who are Dragonfly?

We are a full service video agency, an end-to-end solution. Our process is comprehensive and we put a strong emphasis on pre-production planning. We understand that you might not know what you want yet, or you might have specific outcomes you want to see from your video but you’re not sure how to achieve them. When you work with Dragonfly you are not just buying a video, we’ll work closely with you at all stages of the process and guide you through your options so we can develop a strong and suitable concept from the beginning.

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What makes us different?

We’re the only ones who do what we do.
Dragonfly offer a refreshing level of uniqueness and original concepts which sell.
We don’t just produce high-quality video content – we help our clients to develop the right visual narrative for their brand.
Plus, we never make yawn-inducing corporate videos.

How much does it cost?

With others, you will pay more and get less…
We offer cinematic video production for realistic budgets. Put simply, we will deliver more video for your money, no matter your budget.

Get effective video content for a less terrifying chunk of your marketing budget.

If you aren’t sure where to set your investment, contact us and together we’ll figure out an appropriate budget, and realistic timeline.

Examples of our work

We want to show you the facts that back up our claims, so here is a selection of work.


Our Testimonioals

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``When you work with Dragonfly, you get a creative ally, helping you rise above the rest.``

Eddie King – Creative Director