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A person with a camera on a tripod sits on a mountainside at dusk, capturing a view of a village below and mountains in the distance. "LOCATION FILMING" is prominently written in large, bold letters across the image.
A person sits on a rock with a camera on a tripod, facing a dramatic mountain landscape at dusk. The sky is cloudy, and the scene is bathed in a moody, dim light. The text "LOCATION FILMING" is prominently displayed above.


Global videographers, cinematic expertise. We’ve got your location covered, anywhere.


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Embark on a visual odyssey with our transcendent location filming service. We transcend boundaries, capturing the world’s essence as your canvas.


From bustling urban realms to nature’s serene embrace, every frame tells a tale of awe and wonder. Illuminate your narrative with the magic of real-world backdrops

Dragonfly Awards
A drone is flying over a scenic landscape of rolling green hills and rugged cliffs, with a winding road visible below. The text "AERIAL FILMING" is prominently displayed in the background against a sky at sunset.


If you have ever watched Top Gear? Action packed shots using drone cameras can also be incorporated into your media content.

Three smiling women stand close together outdoors, joyfully tossing colorful confetti. The background is slightly blurred, featuring an urban landscape, and the word "EVENT" is prominently displayed in large white text at the top left corner of the image.
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Capture memorable moments with our expert location filming service. Elevate your events through stunning visuals and storytelling.

Four individuals are standing next to each other, facing the camera, with the word "CREATIVE" in large, bold text to their right on a dark background. They are casually dressed, giving a confident and professional vibe. The setting seems to be a studio.


Transforming ideas into captivating visuals. London-based experts that globe trot around the world for impactful storytelling.

A person with curly hair is operating a professional video camera, focusing intently on the target. The background features the partially visible large text "VIDEO PRODUCTION" with a bokeh effect. The scene is dark and the lighting emphasizes the equipment and person.


Unleash compelling stories with our world-class location filming service. Your vision, brought to life on screen.

A traditional red British telephone box is on the left side of the image. The background is a blurred, dark cityscape with people holding umbrellas. "LONDON-BASED" is written in bold white letters across the center.


From iconic cityscapes to global wonders, our location filming service showcases London’s charm and beyond.

Two smartphones are displayed against a dark, speckled backdrop. One phone shows a Natural History Museum design with floral and animal illustrations. The other shows an animated child looking up, accompanied by the text "Instagram EXPLAINERS VIDEOS." "SOCIAL MEDIA" appears in large text above.


Ignite online engagement with awe-inspiring videos. Our global location filming service shares your narrative worldwide.

A smiling animated character wearing a red shirt points towards the YouTube logo, which features the recognizable red play button symbol. The background is a dark gradient with a textured pattern, accentuating the character and the logo.


Unveil worldwide and expand your horizons on YouTube. Achieve viral stardom and shine a spotlight on your brand.

A promotional image featuring four people side by side against a dark gradient background with the word "TALENT" running horizontally behind them. Each person is named and numbered: Charlie with a camera, Adam in casual wear, Dan smiling, and Emily with her arms crossed.


Dragonfly’s experts create compelling location filming content, globetrotting to capture your story on-site.

A focused individual wearing glasses works on a computer that displays various video editing software tools. The scene is dimly lit, with "VIDEO EDITING" boldly written above them. The background features colorful, blurred lights and several monitors.


Transform already awe-inspiring scenes into picturesque perfection, mastering color grading, compositing, and sound refinement.


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A teaser commercial video produced for Microsoft to promote their upcoming Xbox game release.


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Capturing footage of the awe-inspiring experiences in tropical locations to promote TUI’s educational trips.


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Modern, vibrant video Production. Content for VICE storytelling. A distinctive and punchy video.


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A hard hitting video campaign for the British Transport Police. Powerful messages with atmosphere and tension.

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Dragonfly, a video production company in London.