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Location Filming Services

We have a global network of outstanding videographers, with an eye for cinematic footage. No matter where the location, we have you covered.

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Filming your video on Location

An important part of your video is where it’s shot – whether it’s at your headquarters or on a remote cliff face, every location has its own set of challenges.

We can provide the experience, specialist equipment and imaginative solutions to turn a difficult (or very ordinary) location into a central feature of your production. Our location filming service is based in London so we’re highly mobile and ready to go, wherever you are.

Putting you on the map

Working with some of the best scouts in the country and abroad we’ve built up a whole catalogue of fantastic locations that we’ve filmed at for previous projects, and a load more we’re just itching to try out.

From the stunning vistas of the Yorkshire Moors to the gritty tunnels that cut through the back roads of London’s tarmacked streets, we get a real buzz from figuring out how to manage a shoot, direct the talent and structure sets to get the best out of what’s on offer all around us.

Don't just take our word for it though

Filming on location is a great way to bring realism to a piece – a mountainous back drop is instant drama, the outside of a tube station is immediately recognisable. A location gives the project a sense of time and place, and is a great way to get more from your film than a simple office or studio shoot may give you. But it can be surreal too – juxtaposing the content with the local environment, our directors’ imaginations can take your project somewhere you never even thought of!

So think big, think bold. Perhaps you need a corporate film shot, but what’s preventing you from shooting it somewhere interesting? Why not think outside the box and give your audience something they didn’t expect with a truly unique and eye catching location shoot.

Creative Assembly

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Video content introducing Creative Assembly’s work and internal team to a global audience.

LEH School

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A cinematic promotional video capturing the sence of community at Lady Eleanor Holles school.

Joseph Giles

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Showcasing the various crafts and traditional techniques used by Joseph Giles.

FISH 4 Jobs

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Dragonfly produced this striking 2d animated explainer using vector artwork.