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Aerial Filming

Our Aerial Filming Service

For a more exciting point of view.

Dragonfly knows how to use aerial filming for a whole range of applications, from Hollywood style establishing shots that show off the city you operate in, or the rolling fields where your product is grown, to high paced action shots that follow cars through narrow streets and winding mountain roads.

If you’re a developer or an architect then there’s no better way to capture your client’s imagination than through an aerial shot of your building. From setting the foundations to the finalised property, our aerial documentary style shoots will demonstrate the magnificent transition of a plot of land into a work of art.

Sky high production values, without the soaring costs

Until recently the only way to get these dramatic, cinema style shots was to hire a helicopter, a helicopter pilot, specialist camera equipment and pay for expensive aviation fuel. If you do really need a helicopter for a longer aerial shoot then we can provide you with one, but most aerial filming can be accomplished for a much smaller cost these days, thanks to advances in drones.

Our drone camera operators are experienced at piloting the most advanced models of camera drones currently in use in the film and video industry – they’ve got a steady hand, fast reactions and a keen eye for getting those beautiful aerial shots that make a film so visually rich.

We can help you rise above the rest.

It’s not just the camera operators that make an aerial shot great, our directors, editors and visual artists all know exactly how aerial shots can be incorporated seamlessly and effectively into your production. We’re well versed in using aerial filming as a solution for video and when it’s appropriate to use it we will make the most of it.

If you’re just looking for drone hire, or some experienced operators to add a specialist element to your crew then we’re happy to help as well. Talk to us about your production and we’ll recommend you the best people for the job. Whatever you need for your aerial filming adventure, Dragonfly are here to help you lift off, and achieve new heights.

``When you work with Dragonfly, you get a creative ally, helping you rise above the rest.``

Eddie King – Creative Director