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Web Video

Web Video

Engaging content for the modern age

Do you think Tim Berners-Lee had any idea what the internet was going to become? Back then all they wanted to do was share files at a laboratory. Did they ever think that we’d have video streaming services like YouTube and Vimeo that would allow you to watch any video ever produced on demand from the beaches of Bora Bora, or 35,000 feet in the air in the comfort of a passenger jet?

The internet is truly an incredible invention, and with the advent of streaming services we see over a hundred hours’ worth of content uploaded every minute to YouTube alone. Yes, you read it right, 100 hours every minute!

Online Videos

The internet is an incredible invention. These days you can upload a video from a beach, and the next minute someone could be watching it from an aeroplane at 35,000 feet. Video has really taken over the internet world – there’s over a hundred hours of content uploaded to YouTube every hour, so don’t miss out on the modern world of web video.

Get online

The internet has changed how we live our lives, and video has revolutionised the way we use the internet! Don’t miss out on the modern age of media.

More click, more likes, more followers

The tricky thing is to not only make your video discoverable, but shareable too, otherwise it simply will get lost in the backlog.

This is where our specialised web video production service comes in. We know what works, and what doesn’t. The length an internet video ought to be, the trends and styles in popular video production, how to grab your viewer’s attention – and how to hold on to it.

Beginning with our core belief high production values, we will script, shoot, animate and edit your video with a keen eye on the target audience. Creating snappy, impactful film that is guaranteed to get you noticed.

Effective video for your website

Video produced for use exclusively on the internet is more common than ever these days. Internet video has to take into account the attention span of audiences who may well be surfing for services and will not linger too long on one particular website – unless they’re engaged.

If you’re looking to explain a concept, market your product or brand, or simply have a great idea for a viral video production, our creative team knows just what makes the internet tick! We can even go one step further and market your video online as well.

Intrigued? Get in touch to find out more about what web video can do for your business.

Effective video for your website

There’s so much video out there and it takes a special kind of care and attention to make your’s that little bit special, and get it noticed in the crowd. We work with video all the time so we know what pace and format is going to be the most effective for your audience, and we’ll make sure you don’t get lost. Call Dragonfly today to see how we can develop a powerful and finely tuned video that will take the web by storm!

Effective web video

Make it quick, make it clear and grab your viewers attention before they click away! We’ve know all the tricks to give your video an edge in the busy digital world – Get in touch with Dragonfly today and start to make your web video a reality.

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