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E-Learning Video Production


Engaging, encouraging, educational and effective

Educational institutions and learning providers all over the world are recognising the limitless possibilities of e-learning video production. Dragonfly can help you achieve your educational and business objectives with advances in visual effects technology and modern filming techniques. We can create jaw-dropping, dynamic learning experiences. What’s more, the growth of distance learning is opening up even greater potential for the use of online video and live webcasts.

Educational Video Production


Learning providers all over the world are turning to digital video to help them achieve their objectives. Dragonfly can help you take advantage of advances in video technology to craft new kinds of learning experiences, and make lessons that stick. With distance learning becoming a big part of education video material has never been more relevant.

Video Production with Purpose


Using video for educational purposes isn’t that new, but the production quality and technological advances available today have made video the number one choice for e-learning.



We’ve worked with a wide range of schools, colleges, higher education and private learning centres and one thing we’ve found is that well-made and carefully structured video is one of the most effective ways to pass on knowledge, and has a higher retention rate than traditional materials like text books. If you want to really drive the lesson home, and make it an inspiring experience, you won’t find a better way than video.

From productions that help primary school students take the leap to secondary school, to providing video content for technical professional training programmes, the Dragonfly approach brings with it a wealth of creative expertise in film, animation and motion graphics. We also make interactive videos which can be perfect for engaging and educating in a modern and memorable way.


Perhaps you’re looking to inspire future or current students, create genuinely engaging educational video resources, broadcast a lecture or seminar online, or showcase a university research project or event. For a professionally-delivered A* result, look no further than Dragonfly. We’re always developing our techniques for holding viewer attention, optimising information retention and creating enjoyable learning experiences. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can support your efforts and deliver an e-learning video production we can both be proud of.


If you’re looking to inspire future students, broadcast a lecture or create engaging video for the classroom then Dragonfly is the production company for you. We have a good history of designing video content for the education sector and we’re always ready to get our teeth into a new project.

Video content is more engaging than other ways of learning, which means it has a higher retention rate. All of Dragonfly’s education clients have told us the same thing, their video works!


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