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Dragonfly Training Videos


A well trained workforce is the best tool you have

At Dragonfly we’ll take the time to understand your particular business needs and establish the key aspects you want presented in your training video. At every stage of development and production, Dragonfly will involve you, and inspire you, to ensure that the finished piece of work is faithful to your organisation’s key values, and exceeds your expectations.

Whether your new staff are undergoing induction, or your established employees simply need inspiring and motivating, we can offer you the very best in training video production solutions. Once we have your brief we’ll guide you through the whole process one step at a time, constantly consulting you so you’ll have full control of your video – from the initial planning stages to the completion.

Engaging Video Content


We get that your time is in demand, time is money right? We know how hard it can be, and how costly, to pull everyone away from their work and get them together in the same room – so it’s vital that you make your training sessions count.

If the words ‘Company Training Session’ conjure up images of glazed eyes, stifled yawns and unhealthy clock-watching it could mean that it’s time to ditch the wordy PowerPoint presentations and invest in a training video which inspires, motivates and educates.

If your staff are interested and engaged by their training, they’re more likely to pay attention, remember what they’ve learned and be eager to put their training into practice.

The most effective solution


The effectiveness of moving image as a training tool has been reiterated time and time again by various studies. American Education Psychologist, Edgar Dale’s ‘Cone of Experience’ study found that after a period of two weeks people only tend to remember 10% of what they have read, 20% of what people have said to them, and as much as 50% of what they watch – a retention figure improved on only by actually putting what they have watched into practice. More recently a study carried out by the Hereford and Worcestershire Lifelong Learning Network found that ‘video improves attention, motivation and the overall learning experience’. Pretty solid findings, right?

Our work with the


There are few organisations for who training is more important than the Fire Service. When training new staff it’s vital that strict procedures are quickly learnt in a way that stays with them throughout their careers. It could be a matter of life or death. That’s why Dragonfly has helped them to use video to make their training more effective, and their staff better equipped to deal with emergencies.



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