Favourite Apps of 2014

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Snapchat, despite its logo resembling more like an iteration of a Pacman game than what it actually was a fun social app that lets you send a funny video or perhaps flirtatious photo to individuals or a group in an instant. The point of difference compared to such apps as Instagram, Facebook etc. is that the photo or video will be deleted after a few seconds (of which you can specify in the app’s settings). Controversy about Snapchat’s claim that it will destroy your photos/videos seconds after you’ve sent them to the receipient arose earlier on in the year, when it was found out that Snapchat doesn’t actually delete the files you’ve sent but just hides them on Android devices. Opening this up to hackers exploiting vulnerabilities and being able to access peoples’ private pictures and videos. This prompted Snapchat to update its Privacy Policy. Certainly, a few less nudie

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Merry Christmas from Dragonfly

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As 2014 draws to a close, we at Dragonfly are taking a well earned break and hope you are too. 2014 has been a great year for Dragonfly with some exciting new business wins and saw us filming in Asia, North America and Europe. As you may have noticed, we also did some re-branding in 2014 and migrated websites. We hope you like the new site and our new showreels. Stay tuned in the New Year for more exciting changes and updates. We wish all our clients and readers a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Videos and Performance Measurement

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Nowadays, most CMS platforms make it pretty easy to integrate video content into websites. Whether, you choose to self-host the videos or embed video content from external sources, such as YouTube or Vimeo, video content can be a very powerful tool for engaging your audience, driving brand awareness, and help generate more revenue for your business by driving sales. If the objective is brand awareness, then you probably don’t need to self-host the videos and can save a lot of time and money by looking to the likes of YouTube to extend your coverage. Uploading video content is a relatively straightforward affair, and once done your videos can reach a global audience. Platforms such as YouTube open up the potential for growth and virility for modest budgets. All that glitters is not gold Despite the reach YouTube has (localised in 61 countries and languages, with more than 1 billion unique

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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014

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Around this time Last year, during the ad break in The X Factor, you may have witnessed the biggest advertising event of 2013 – the new John Lewis Christmas commercial! My girlfriend tuned to me after watching this advert to say, ‘and so christmas begins‘. It really did feel like the launch of Christmas, a bigger event than the switching on of the Oxford St Xmas lights. Shortly after the event, social media around the globe illuminated with posts, tweets, likes and comments. To be more exact, more than 90,000 mentions made it on to Twitter (14,054 tweets in the first 24 hours) and over 80% were positive!! This year, the impact is not so noticeable. Sure, the advert is very good and it does tweak the heart strings, however it really is no Bear & Hare. Its just not as good. John Lewis have been investing heavily in their Christmas

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3 Reasons To Have A Video On Your Home Page

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  Any Video Company will know the importance of a welcome video to a company’s website. That’s why in business video production, it’s of paramount importance to construct your video in a way that will not only give the first time viewer a strong impression of your brand, but lead directly on to opening up leads and generating sales. As we all know, first impressions are everything! And never is this truer than in the world of sales. A potential customer visiting your website for the first time is effectively setting their foot into your shop. If they look around and see nothing but dreary text, they’re not going to be inspired to utilise your services, or buy your products. Much like if you wanted a night out and you walked into a vacant bar with a glum landlord, you would about-turn and look instead for somewhere that had a bit more

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Introduction to DSLR

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  DSLRs have become extremely popular among video production companies particularly when producing video for web and promotional videos due to their relative low price and reciprocally high production values that they can offer. Firstly, what does DSLR mean? It’s simple really, a DSLR is a digital SLR, and SLR derived from the single lens reflex cameras, giving us a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. Single lens reflect cameras have a mirror infront of the sensor, so the light that comes in is also reflected up from the mirror to the viewfinder. To understand single lens reflex in more detail check out this SLR diagram. ISO This has a similar effect to “gain” on a film camera, it digitally brightens the image, in a DSLR ISO determines the sensitivity of sensor, the lower the number the less sensitivity, ISO typically goes up in denominations of 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600

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Dragonfly’s Charlie Southall

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In 2005, armed with a small Business Start-Up Loan from the Prince’s Trust, an impetuous 24 year old prepared to make something happen. On meeting Charlie Southall, founder and Creative Director of thriving video company Dragonfly Productions, you might jump to a few conclusions. With an Audi sports car, a Soho office, a seaside property on the south coast and brimming with quiet but potent confidence, you could be forgiven for assuming the 33 year old is just another privately-schooled, family-funded ‘media type’. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. “I actually come from a poor background. My grandfather was a coal miner, my dad’s an artist who could barely sell his work and my mum was still in university when I was a child… It’s a cliché but we really did struggle to put food on the table, in a very literal sense.” Following his parents’ separation, Charlie grew

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   Get your voice heard!   

Looking For A Voice Over Artist To Narrate Your Corporate Film?

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Need That Right Voice Artist To Give Your Corporate Film The Right Tone? Giving your film the correct voice over artist is extremely important. It needs to fill your audience and your clients with the right ideas, give them that stamp of professionalism or speak to them in a way that is relatable or comforting. A poor voice over artist, or amateur can really detract from the quality of your production, rendering any money you spend on your corporate film effectively redundant. We have a massive database of talent working for us at Dragonfly, but if you can’t find the right voice over artist for corporate film on our roster, we recommend the following agencies, renowned for their high calibre of talent. Voice Shop Voices Pro The Voice Agency The Voiceover Gallery Just Voices Another Tongue Lip Service Soho Voices Voice Squad Damn Good Voices I Can Talk Herter Allen

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Cheapest 4k Professional Cameras

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For top end video production for business and film, high-quality 4K resolution has become a new standard even if the eventual output is the standard 1920×1080, starting out with a 4096×3072 resolution enables for more post-production options, this is particularly important for big budget pictures that consist of blending live action cinematography with CGI.  We have previously discussed the Flea 3 being the cheapest 4K camera, but as it essentially a webcam that records a 21fps it’s no use at a professional level. So here we will focus on the cheapest options for a professional 4K camera., starting with the RED Scarlet X. The cheapest product from the king of 4k cameras that is RED. It is the latest edition to the DSMC range, able to snap 5K stills and record 4K video at up to 30fps with a dynamic range of 13.5. This aluminum 5lb body certainly gives some boot

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Tips To Make Your Showreel Stand Out

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At Dragonfly we receive a daily deluge of speculative applications from filmmakers looking for work. More often than not, this comes in the shape of a showreel and a brief message that explains how they would like to get a job. The thing is that many of these applications look very similar, and it can often be hard to separate out applicants based on the small parameters we receive. This isn’t something that just applies to us, and across the industry there has been a much larger need for a more robust proposal. As we outlined in our article on how to get employed in the corporate video industry, you need to do more than just send in an email and a link. One way to do this is to create a showreel that will really stand out above the rest, and so here is our small list of tips to

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