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Animated Compositing – Elevating Your Video With the Power of VFX

By 17th December 2021November 30th, 2023No Comments
Animated Compositing displaying a hologram

Animated Compositing – Elevating your video with the power of VFX

From the moment we learned how to capture moving images, we have been looking for ways to enhance the real world we captured. As far back as 1918, the Williams process allowed us to place actors in scenes they had never visited. Video compositing exploded as computers became more mainstream to the point where anyone can now do it – but not necessarily do it well. So, what is it, and when should you use it?

In simple terms, compositing involves taking two or more images and combining them to create the illusion that they are in the same space. From live-action to fully-animated films, compositing allows you to create any scene you can think of. Video compositing can just as easily mean spectacular CGI effects as it can mean conspicuously tweaking a scene. There’s a lot that video compositing can do for you; come have a look at our post-production services, and see for yourself.

The role that computers play in film production continues to grow. That’s not a bad thing, as it is this technology that has allowed us to extend our capabilities in the video production realm: it is now possible to produce practically any scene from your imagination in astounding realism and detail. At its best, compositing can be used for constructing scenes and worlds that would otherwise be impossible to film or create. Whether it’s through CGI, green screen, or other methods, video compositing can play an important role in your video. 

There are times when video compositing does not have to be obvious, but can still be used in a very effective way. Maybe your footage needs elements removed from or added to it, such as people in the background of a scene. Sometimes, the magic of good video compositing is when the audience does not notice anything out of the ordinary at all.

That being said, animated compositing isn’t a be-all and end-all solution. When possible, physical options should be used over CGI or visual tweaking in the edit. VFX costs time and money, and is not something that you should be deciding on after the footage is shot. Though video compositing can be used to remove unwanted elements from a scene, if you are planning on making heavy use of VFX in your video, lots of planning will be required before you shoot in order to make the final render work. You can’t just slap in CGI and expect it to look great.

If used correctly, video compositing adds a layer of polish to your video. It increases production value and can really elevate your message by allowing you to go down avenues that would otherwise be impossible to explore. Take for example Three’s 5g Future advert. This video really goes all-out, creating a vibrant, futuristic, satirical world which live-action actors are placed in.

VFX can be an essential storytelling tool, but only if used appropriately. The reason such an eccentric video works for Three’s brand is exactly why it might not work for a healthcare brand. 

There is no denying that animated compositing can help elevate your video, the question remains: what are you looking to accomplish? You don’t have to have all of this figured out just yet, that’s what we are here for. Dragonfly is fully equipped to help you through the entire video production process, from figuring out what your video needs to be, to delivering a finished video that will set you apart from the competition. No matter where you are in your video production, we can help – reach out to us today.

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