Viral video marketing secrets 1

With everybody and their dog seemingly becoming an overnight online sensation, you could be forgiven for thinking that they know something we don’t. Although the majority of these Internet superstars find fame through a mixture of good luck and good timing, there are certain tricks that you can employ to help your video have the best chance at going viral, without having to resort to filming cats falling over. Unfortunately, the path to becoming a viral video sensation is a crowded one, and thousands of videos are uploaded to video sharing sites such as YouTube everyday, with a large majority of them uploaded with the intention of finding some form of success on the internet.

A huge part of creating a viral video is having the public on your side, and the more comments that a video has on it’s page, the more views it will generate. The easiest way to obtain more views on a video is to encourage people to comment on the page. One way of doing this is to leave a comment of your own asking for feedback, or trying to start a mini debate in the comments section. Dig amongst the trolls (there’s always a few) and you will find some really valuable feedback that can help you create more engaging content catered towards your audience. Replying to comments is key too, as viewers appreciate a content creator who cares about their fan base.

Another important aspect of creating a viral video is the thumbnail, which is essentially the little picture that represents the content of your video. When somebody is searching for content to watch online, something as simple as an intriguing thumbnail could be the deciding factor as to whether or not they will click on your video. The thumbnail often accompanies the search results when using a search engine such as Google, making it a vital element of gaining more viewers. For inexperienced content creators, thumbnails are nothing more than a snapshot of a particular moment in the video that is automatically set when the video is uploaded. Companies who opt for this approach are missing out on a key aspect of marketing, and many professionals realise the importance of creating a thumbnail that is not only intriguing, but represents the actual content of your video. Using specialist software, you can create personalised and eye catching thumbnails that will increase the chances of people wanting to see what your video is all about. Purchasing, downloading and then learning how to use a software can be time consuming, so it is worthwhile seeking the assistance of a professional video production company for your online video needs. Why not try Dragonfly?

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