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Lady Eleanor


Case Study

Back in 2016, Dragonfly established a relationship with the Lady Eleanor Holles’ school in Middlesex. Since then, we’ve been their sole supplier for all video production requirements – from talking heads videos, to event filming.

The Work

At LEH school, we’ve spent many days shooting high-quality, cinematic B-roll footage – from daily routines of teachers and students – to big events, like sporting fixtures and school plays.

Dragonfly's work with Lady Eleanor Holles School

Here at Dragonfly, we’re passionate about making beautiful video. We see it as one of our flagship skills – and we’ll never pass up an opportunity to make a project look simply stunning. Our team feel particularly strongly about Talking Heads – they’re often underestimated because of their simplistic, straight-forward nature – but there’s no need for them to look dull and dreary. We pride ourselves on the cinematic quality of our video content, always aiming find the best shots and to bring beautiful colour and texture to the screen.
No matter what the project, we always bring out the top-end kit. One of our favourite lenses has actually been voted the best in the world, and we’re just as likely to use it for your talking heads video, as we are for some flashy BMW commercial.


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