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capturing your event on film

The Ins & Outs of Capturing your Live Event

For many companies, filming corporate events is increasingly becoming the ultimate way to showcase and promote yourself. Despite the practice becoming increasingly popular of late, there are still several questions surrounding the benefits and workings of this simple and effective marketing tactic

Capturing your live event on film is crucial for a number of reasons. First and foremost, simply the act of hiring a professional video production company to record the entire event is a huge statement in itself. Essentially, it shows that there is nothing to hide within your business. Clients who are seeking a trustworthy and reliable company to deal with may find the presence of a filmed event embedded on your website very reassuring, and a sign that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes. Furthermore, a filmed event can act as an exciting and engaging advert for your company.

Although a few paragraphs on your homepage about what you do can often suffice for certain companies, many clients can be turned off simply at the thought of more reading (hey, I finished school a LONG time ago). Not only can filming an event deliver the same information in a more engaging and interesting manner, but it can also appear more professional, and it demonstrates that you are not afraid to go the extra mile to provide for your clients. Filming an event not only allows potential clients to observe the way in which your company functions, it also enables people who attended the event to relive the best moments. Corporate events can often fly by in a blur, but filming the event can allow certain moments such as interviews and speeches to be watched over and over again.

Despite all of the benefits associated with filming corporate events, some companies remain skeptical. This skepticism mainly derives from the thought of having a large camera crew taking up valuable space and potentially interfering with the mood of the event. The truth of the matter is that any event can be effectively filmed with a few cameras and a small crew, provided that everybody involved knows what they are doing. In order to ensure that the filming is completed discreetly and the crew remains appropriately placed within the venue, it is essential to hire an experienced video production company who will understand the importance of staying in the background of the action. Perhaps the most important reason to seriously consider seeking the assistance of a video production company is for the final edit of the film.

By applying professional tricks and effects, any event can be transformed into an engaging piece of film. The main downfall of many companies looking to film their corporate events is deciding to take matters into their own hands. Amateur filmmaking is immediately obvious and off-putting, making your company appear slightly unprofessional.

With a wide range of professional equipment and knowledge at their disposal, a video production company will be able to provide a suitable filmmaking experience for any company. One of the best reasons to consider filming your next event is the potential for videos to be shared online. It is far more likely that an Internet user will want to click on and share an interesting video rather than sharing pages of information regarding your company. To take advantage of the benefits associated with filming corporate events, it is highly recommended to hire the assistance of a video production company. Why not try Dragonfly? Have a look at our Event Filming video below and visit our website here for more information on event filming services. If you would like to know a little more about why having the professionals capture your live event can be so beneficial,  you can also check out our other blog post on the topic here.


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