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Wish you were here? Bring your audience along for the ride.

Allure, excitement, amazement, joy. The emotions associated with travel make it the perfect subject for video production. Whether it’s showcasing the natural beauty of a landscape, visualising a journey or travel experience, or capturing the sights and sounds of a destination, Dragonfly brings the magic of cinema to the travel and tourism sector.

The boutique hotel looking to spread the word, the tourist board tasked with raising the profile of its region, the flight company seeking to entice a new demographic – All can benefit from the high production values we bring to travel industry videos. Working meticulously and creatively in a way that fits with your brand, we can transport the audience to your door in the most visually stunning way imaginable.

Travel Videos


We’ve been bringing the power of cutting edge video to the public sector for many years now – The Home Office, London Fire Brigade and the NHS are a few of the public sector clients that trust us to deliver their video for them. We know all the ins and outs of procedures and paperwork and we know how to add a new dimension to even routine communications.

Transporting your audience


It doesn’t matter who you’re trying to reach out to, they will all relate to one thing – your story. We’ll work closely with you to create a rich narrative that digs deep into your personality and gets the viewer engaging with your brand. By using the right shots and carefully crafting a script it’s possible to recreate the excitement of a journey, whether it’s the destination that matters, or the method of travel.

Engaging emotionally with your audience is important in all kinds of video, but maybe none more so than a travel video. Why do people travel? To relieve stress, to inspire wonder, to bring families closer – most people travel because of an emotional need, and we can help you connect your story to theirs.



Wherever in the world you are, and whatever you want your story to tell, we have the facilities and the experience to come to you and make sure we get the shots that make the difference. Do you have an exciting location to tell the world about? We’d love to come and see it for ourselves. No, really – it’s one of the perks of our job!

Our crew has had years of experience shooting high quality film in remote and challenging locations so whether you want to show off the beautiful coral reefs around your island paradise, or the breath-taking cliffs beneath your Scottish bed and breakfast, we can make it happen. Have a look at our Location Filming services to get a better idea of what we’re capable of.


Part of the beauty of a travel video is in its spectacular locations. We’re well equipped and full of experience when it comes to getting out in the field and getting those awe inspiring shots. We also like to travel! Whether it’s a beach or a mountain, we can get the footage that will make your video something special.

Our crew has had years of experience shooting high quality travel films in remote and challenging locations all over the world. Get in touch to talk about your travel video today.


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