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Animated Logos

Let Dragonfly bring your brand to life

Picture your company’s logo growing out of the roots of a lush, green forest – or your brand’s identity swirling across the blue skies. How about a futuristic factory printing your slogan onto sleek, shiny metal plates, sparks flying as it slams onto the screen?

Whatever you want to identify your brand with, Dragonfly can give your video that added stamp of authenticity and kick your marketing up a gear with something that will stick in the mind. Whether you want an animated logo designed for a trade show, for your website, or for that professional touch to your corporate video, we’ll produce a unique and engaging animated logo that’s sure to grab the limelight and reinforce your brand.

Your business, animated

You may have thought the job was done when you had your logo designed, but did you consider how to animate your brand? An animated logo is essential these days and it really can breathe depth into your company’s image. A particular USP can be punctuated with an effective logo animation tailored to your brand – and if you haven’t considered this, your competitors probably have.

You don’t get a second chance, to make a first impression

With an animated logo the goal is to create something with impact, something that reflects your company, or your production’s personality. You want something that will stick in the memory – that can be used time and time again as a mark of quality on a high class production.

We bring the values of the big screen to your film. With our creative team churning out warped and wonderful ways to get your message across, and our animation staff crafting mesmerising logo animations, you’ll be blown away by how much of a difference we can make to your brand with just a few seconds of sound and moving images.

Get in touch to talk to us about your ideas, your brand and your values and see how we can bring your logo to life.

It doesn’t stop there

Do you have a film that you want to sear into your audience’s eyes? Picture the scene… Fade-in to a dark screen. Cue sound effects. Rupturing from the depths of the earth to screams of wonder, your company’s logo collides into the screen, and straight into the viewer’s mind. A few seconds is all we need to make sure that they remember who you are and what you do!

``When you work with Dragonfly, you get a creative ally, helping you rise above the rest.``

Eddie King – Creative Director