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Need That Right Voice Artist To Give Your Corporate Film The Right Tone?

Giving your film the correct voice over artist is extremely important. It needs to fill your audience and your clients with the right ideas, give them that stamp of professionalism or speak to them in a way that is relatable or comforting. A poor voice over artist, or amateur can really detract from the quality of your production, rendering any money you spend on your corporate film effectively redundant.

We have a massive database of talent working for us at Dragonfly, but if you can’t find the right voice over artist for corporate film on our roster, we recommend the following agencies, renowned for their high calibre of talent.


  1. Voice Shop
  2. Voices Pro
  3. The Voice Agency
  4. The Voiceover Gallery
  5. Just Voices
  6. Another Tongue
  7. Lip Service
  8. Soho Voices
  9. Voice Squad
  10. Damn Good Voices
  11. I Can Talk
  12. Herter Allen
  13. The Voice Store
  14. Meet the Joneses


Things To Be Aware Of When Hiring From These Agencies

When you employ any of the artists from these companies be aware that they will charge agency fees which will put up the costs of hiring a voice over artist. It’s also worth noting that we have an exclusive deal with all of the artists on our books, which we keep on retainer, meaning that we can afford to employ them for much less that other agencies you will find.

It’s also worth considering that bringing in an external artist to record for your video production with us does makes things a little complicated, and if they insist on recording their audio separately from our production, we cannot guarantee the quality will be absolutely up to standard.


Choosing The Right Voice Artist For Your Film

We always help our clients through this process, giving them a shortlist of voice artists that we think will suit their production to sort through, it makes everyone’s life easier, rather than sorting through our whole selection. We have child voice actors, male, female, different regional accents and even different nationalities to choose from. A lot of our voice talent also do a variety of accetnts and dialects which can enhance your production.

If you’re interested in hearing some of Dragonfly’s voice talent, then please check out our database of voice over artists here!

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