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Cinema Forms APP – the best app yet for production forms

By 13th December 2019December 1st, 2023No Comments
Cinema Forms APP - the best app yet for production forms

Cinema Forms

The “Cinema Forms” app from Ikan is the only app you need for all you production forms. The App looks after all your preproduction, production and even post production forms such as call sheets, talent release, location release, shot lists, deal memos, legal agreements and much more. Overall there are over 90 forms on the Cinema Forms App and Ikan have said there are even more on the way.

The app is targeted primarily towards iPad users as it aims to reduce paperwork and clean up logistics. The app also supports popular storage devices and online storage such as dropbox, icloud, email and PDF. The app can be used alone or with a fleet of iPads that means you can share forms and agreements around to whoever necessary to get the last form signed.

Some of the forms come standard with the app including production forms such as call sheets, breakdowns, shot lists, daily notes etc as well as location and talent forms. However some of the forms you have to buy using the app shopping cart, including deal memos, legal agreements and some other templates. There are more forms to be expected to come through the pipeline as the app develops.

The app carries two types of call sheet and both of them are way ahead of any you can get from other apps out there. This app is said to be the best of its kind so far and nothing of this standard has previously entered the market. It seems that production personnel are looking more and more to integrate their iPad into everyday activities so Cinema Forms seems like a logical step forward. Have you tried the app out yet? If so what are your thoughts on it?

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