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It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it

A voiceover is a great way of narrating your video, adding context or explaining a product, and it can really make a difference how your script is read, and by who. Does your video need that extra weight and importance a serious and older voice can give? Do you want a softer approach that lets the viewer know you care? Maybe a younger voice, full of excitement and enthusiasm would suit your message better? Whatever you want to say you should give careful consideration to how you’ll come across.

Finding Your Voice

Choosing the right voice for your production is something you’ll want to think carefully about. The right voiceover can make a big difference to your film. Dragonfly has a fantastic rage of voice artists to choose from. You can search for the ideal voice artist for your video by using the form below – just select the type of voice you’re looking for!

Voice Artists

Dragonfly have a fantastic rage of voice artists. Find the ideal voice for your video – just use the form below to select the type of voice you’re looking for.

Talent, on tap

The choice of a voice artist can really have an impact on how effective your video is, will your audience listen if the message doesn’t seem to come from the right person? It’s surprising how simply a voiceover can put your point across – if they are delivered in the right way.

Dragonfly has built up a huge network of professional voice actors over the years, with many different styles and accents, and we’ve become very good at knowing exactly who to go to for the right tone and delivery when we’re making a video. Get in touch with us and we’ll take you through some of your options.

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