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Colour Grading

Professional Colour Grading

Show your true colours

Have you ever wondered why car adverts look so enticing, or why movies are so rich in appearance while normal television just looks bland in comparison? A correctly graded video is striking in appearance and it’s one of the main reasons that Hollywood blockbuster looks better than your home movies.

Whether you want to match up the lighting of shots filmed at different times of the day, or want to create artistic colour effects with your video production, colour grading is a powerful tool that can truly enhance the beauty of your final product. It’s like a Photoshop makeover for video.

Colour Grading

Seeing red? Feeling blue? Green with envy? Colours have a powerful cultural and emotional connotation and they can be manipulated in your video to add a strong style and feeling to any scene. It’s a Hollywood trick and it can be used subtly to enhance almost any footage. Get inside the heads of your viewers, elicit a strong emotional reaction and turn run-of-the-mill video footage into something cinematic and striking.

Colour Grade

Colour Grading is like a Photoshop retouch for your video. Richness, depth and warmth are all at your fingertips. Its what can turn run-of-the-mill video footage into something cinematic and striking.

An elegant solution

In most cases colour grading is something that’s kept in mind during a shoot, with the Director of Photography lighting every scene to ensure consistency in hue and tone throughout video. Often though this simply isn’t possible because of the nature of out-door shoots or the lack of lighting professionals on set.

By waving our magic wands we can transform the most saturated pictures into delicately lit shots, or remove dust, dirt and damage from the foulest footage. It would be a discredit to our colour graders to say that their limits were in fixing badly shot film,  because it doesn’t end there – Oh No.

A full spectrum of possibilities

Colour grading can add its own artistry to any film production, whether it’s highlighting the dark grittiness of urban settings, or enhancing the organic beauty of natural vistas. It can make your video stand out from the crowd and has been used to create stark and startling effects in films like O Brother Where Art Thou, Man on Fire and Drive.

By creating a colour scheme that runs throughout your production your audience’s senses and emotions can be warped and contorted, explored and played with. Want to know more about what colour grading can do for your video production? Get in touch and we’ll have one of our experts take you through the world of colour.

Colour Grading For Corporate Video

Whilst colour grading can add a sparkle to video productions it’s also used extensively throughout corporate video production as a way of creating a stylised and professional look. It gives the final product a touch of refinement that other videos don’t have, and the difference really shows when you compare a video that hasn’t been colour graded alongside one that has.

A dramatic improvement

You might not want a fancy filter or a full-on style in your film, but colour grading still has its uses. Used in the right way it can give a light, clean and professional look to a video and add a touch of refinement. Even subtly changing the colour in a scene can make such a difference, you’ll think it’s a different piece of footage. If weather or time constraints mean your video feels a bit disjointed, We can fix it.

All the difference

Turn grey skies bright again and get your continuity back by colour correcting you troubles away, or make a video feel cleaner, slicker and more professional with a subtle use of colour. Ask Dragonfly about the difference colour can make.

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