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Post Production

Our Post Production Services

Adjusting, completing and perfecting your video.

This is where the magic really happens and your video takes shape. A good editor will give your video the right pace and timing to keep the audience captivated all the way to the end. Thoughtful use of sound and music can enhance the feel of the video and reinforce your message on an emotional level – even small changes to the colour tone or the use of a creative filter can really make the video stand out and stick in the mind of the viewer.

Video post-production

More than just the icing on the cake, post production can elevate your video to greatness. Post is all about ironing out bumps, grading colour to achieve that cinematic look, and adding a few bells and whistles of course. However you want to style your video Dragonfly will ensure it gets the attention it deserves.


Sound effects, colour grading and motion graphics all combine to keep your audience watching, right to the end. Let our expert editors work their magic and elevate your video to greatness.


Voiceover Artists

What can a voice do? David Attenborough, Morgan Freeman – distinctive voices of our time. We have our own roster of professional voices ready to add gravitas to your video.

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film strip cutter

Video Editing Services

Bringing all the separate elements of a video together can be like conducting an orchestra, luckily we have a team who can produce a symphony.

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sound mixing desk

Sound Design

Sound design provides the tone and feel of a video, from ambient background atmosphere to bespoke and bizarre effects, sound can make a big difference to your production.

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Live action

Visual Effects

Easily add excitement and guide your audience through a cinematic roller-coaster. We have the style and experience to use effects tastefully and to your best advantage.

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Colour Grading

Transform dull footage into beautiful moving image that will shine out, create contrast between greys and bright colour and add a carefully chosen atmosphere to any video.

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Video Editing

Our editors take raw footage and create symphonies!
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Add trust, emotion and gravitas to your video with a voice artist.
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Visual Effects

Take your audience on a cinematic roller-coaster!
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Makes anything real – Imagination set free.
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The finishing touches your production deserves

With our bespoke post-production services, Dragonfly’s wizards in the cutting room can click their heels together and transform your film into a sleek, smooth and stunning final product. You can even pass us footage you already have in your archives. You will be surprised what we can do with it.

Our personalised approach to each post-production project means that when you sit down with our editors, we’ll help you find the best way to finish your film. From the colour grading to sound design, visual effects and simple video editing services, our talented team will assist you in capturing your audience and let you fully express what you have to say.

Here's one we made earlier

One we made earlier

Flexibility, power, and control

Often overlooked in the film making process, post production is where those strokes of genius transpire – where our visual artists give your video those stunning effects, where we can warp reality, turn cute into gritty, flip the world upside down and turn it back around again.

Through colour grading we can distort the emotions of a scene. We can make the harshest shoots, that don’t exactly flatter the talent, into a softly lit setting, give your video a unique angle and change the whole vibe. You won’t believe what we can do with some simple adjustments! Our sound design team will develop unique soundscapes that stamp your film with authenticity and professionalism. Don’t just take our word for it though, watch our work – and judge for yourself.

A touch of magic

Dragonfly are well known for our ability to bring the glamour and the quality of a high end commercial to even the smallest corporate project. We’ve got a team of editors, graders and other wizards standing by to work wonders and turn your video into something really special. If you think you need a little bit of sparkle, let’s talk about how we can help!

Bells & Whistles

Dragonfly bring the glamour and the quality of a high end commercial to every project. If you think your video production needs a little bit of sparkle, let’s talk about what we can do for you!

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