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Raising money on kickstarter? You need a really good video to stand out.

Crowdfunding a new idea? Good for you! Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have revolutionised the way people turn their ideas into successful businesses. However, this type of fundraising has become so popular in recent years that it can be hard to make your campaign stand out and get the investment it deserves. This is where crowdfunding videos come in.

According to Kickstarter projects with videos succeed at a much higher rate than those without (50% vs. 30%), so just think what a project featuring the highest quality media could achieve. There’s a superfluous amount of average videos on crowdfunding websites so we strive to produce content that will make your business stand out, showcase it effectively and ultimately encourage audiences to invest generously. At Dragonfly we strive to produce innovative, unique and eye-catching videos that showcase technology, products and services in a simple yet effective manner.  Whilst all crowd funding videos aim to motivate people to invest financially,  our videos go beyond this and secure the most important thing of all, the emotional investment of your audience.

The key to getting noticed is by doing something a little different! That’s where Dragonfly come in. We understand how to grab, and hold, people’s attention and we know how to make a video that works. It’s what we do.

Cutting Edge Video Production Services


For those on a more limited budget, or who perhaps simply want an animated explainer style production, there is a whole world of great video styles beyond live action that might better suit your needs. Traditional whiteboard animation is a strictly hand drawn affair, you will have probably seen one at some point – The artists hand is visible as they quickly draw illustrations that reinforce the voice over. It’s tried and tested and it looks just fine. You might not know that certain parts of the drawings can be animated simply to add a bit more life, or the whole lot can be made to move like a high-end animation! There are lots of levels of complexity that can be achieved with a whiteboard style and we can offer you them all, depending on what you want to say of course!

Dragonfly's Fund-Raising Videos


This is a crowd funding video we made for a company who designed an online platform for those in the finance sector.

Live action is a great way to share your story because it allows your audience to engage with the real people behind the product. If the key to crow funding is emotional investment, then inviting people to see what goes on behind the scenes is a sure fire way to do this!

Making a live action video means that, alongside interviews with the team behind the vision, you can include beautiful product shots that will maximise exposure and enhance people’s understanding of your idea.

Live action is also a great way to give your crowd funding promotional video a beautiful cinematic quality, and can be a cost effective way of making your business appear as slick, professional and yet accessible.
From project scoping to final cut, we’ll work closely with you at every stage, ensuring our creative efforts are 100% aligned with your organisation’s strategic goal, and that your key messages reach your audience in precisely the way intended.

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