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amazon alexa


Case Study

Amazon Alexa is one of the world’s most famous hands-free, voice-activated devices. We were delighted when Crestron approached Dragonfly, asking for some branded content to promote their technology’s integration with Amazon Alexa. Our team were asked to produce a number of videos to showcase how the brand’s integration benefited various individuals and groups in their day-to-day lives.
Tailored video content


Our team have over 15 years filming talking heads interviews. These kind of videos are Dragonfly's bread and butter - and we know all the tips and tricks to achieve beautifully effective footage.

We know just how to put contributors at ease in order to capture genuine, relaxed reactions - and we make use of some of the best kit in the world to achieve truly stunning cinematic visuals.

Adding interest


Adding some variety to talking heads footage can truly set your video apart from your competitors. B-roll is an excellent tool to introduce visual interest, whilst also providing context to the discussion. We were lucky enough to shoot in some incredible homes for this Amazon Alexa shoot - showing just how seamlessly Crestron's integration has been implemented into these spaces.At Royal Holloway, we managed to get some excellent footage of professors teaching, carrying out experiments and interacting with their classes, as well as general footage of students in their field.
This footage really enhances any talking head video, allowing some visual variety and interest.


Getting the right angles

Branded Content is a little different to an ordinary video advertising campaign. It’s a marketing technique that strays from formal, obvious advertising – focusing in on engaging video that is in some way linked to a product or service. The goal here is to be genuinely engaging – often focusing more on the values of a brand and appealing to the audience’s emotional response.
On this occasion, we filmed a series of interviews that centred around storytelling, making some references to link the content to the product.
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