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We’re sure you know by now that digital video is one of the most progressive and cost effective ways of getting your message out there. It’s hands down the best way to capture your audience’s attention and make your point. You’ve probably seen some you like and have an idea, or perhaps just a vague notion, of the type of video you want to create.

There’s a lot of dull video out there and yours needs to really get noticed to get results: whether it’s a sale you’re after, or you want to get a message or an emotion across, you need your video to get the job done.

Well, here’s the thing. At Dragonfly we don’t do dull, and we don’t make videos for the sake of making videos. We’re creative professionals with a broad range of backgrounds in t.v. and film. We’re not content to sit around churning out soulless sales pitches and boring interviews, that’s not what we are about.

We specialise in the fantastic and breathe life into tedious technicality. We’ll inspire your viewers with a combination of captivating scripts, high end productions, eye catching animations and unique post production styles.

Our video production services.


Motion Design

Seriously enhance the effectiveness of your production with moving graphics that draw the viewer in, and reinforce your identity.

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Promotional Video

More followers, more sales, more clicks – Whatever your marketing aims we can tailor your video to make sure you achieve them.

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Explainer Video

Explain yourself – who you are and what you do. There’s no substitute for talking directly and openly with your customers.

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Training Videos

A bad video is soon forgotten, if you really want to train and inspire your workforce you need a video that holds their attention, and gets them thinking for themselves.

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Corporate event filming

Event Filming

An event is great for the people who came, but what if thousands more could be reached? Capture the magic on video to let people re-live your event, even if they weren’t there!

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Video Editing

Bringing all the separate elements of a video together can be like conducting an orchestra, luckily we have a team who can produce a symphony.

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‘The voice of the people.’ If you want to interview members of the public politely and without pressure, we can do it for you.

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Animated Logos

Animate your business! It’s a small job which will make all the difference to your brand as you move forward into digital marketing.

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Corporate Video

There is no better way to connect with your client-base than by creating a corporate video. Whatever message you want to send we can make it professional and compelling.

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Our experienced videographers, editors, film directors and scriptwriters will take your concept and fly with it. Dragonfly’s dynamic team are talented video producers who always create and innovate.

Get the job done right with an expert production team.


With a wealth of talented artists we can create stunning animated videos that lend real character to your ideas. Whether you are looking for hand-drawn or computer graphics, the only limit is your imagination.

Breathe life into your video with a stunning animation.


There’s no better way to capture your audience’s attention than with a professional and effective video. Whether it’s a simple explainer video, or something a bit more creative, we make videos that work.

Promote yourself, get noticed, shared and remembered.

Dragonfly, making ideas fly.

Our mission is to realise your ideas in a way that you never ever considered. We want to take your concepts and transform them into wonderful video productions that really demonstrate what you, your company or your brand are all about.

With a large back catalogue of work produced for some of the biggest names in global and national industries, we are the movers, shakers and innovators. The video production company you need.

We’re always interested in working on new projects and get a real kick out of the strange and bizarre, so no matter what you do, get in touch and let’s discuss how we can bring your ideas to life.

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We're Dragonfly

The video production company you’re looking for.

Whether it’s a sale you’re after, or you’re looking to boost your reputation, if you want to get results you need to stand out. There’s a lot of dull video out there, but here’s the thing – we don’t do dull. We specialise in making fantastic video, inspiring audiences, and turning your concept into a truly magnificent end product. Welcome to Dragonfly.

Video services

Making ideas fly

Our mission is to take your concepts and turn them into results. We’ve got a huge back catalogue of work for some of the biggest brands in the world, but we’re always looking for a new project to get stuck into. We like weird, and we like wonderful, so whatever ideas you might have for a video get in touch with Dragonfly, and let’s see where they take us.

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Digital Video Services

Dragonfly don’t do dull and we won’t do boring. We specialise in creating high-end videos that really get results. If you want to get noticed then let us help you stand out!

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Video services

Let’s not bore the audience with three minutes of forgettable footage, Your videos are your brand in motion. They need to communicate something sensational.

Let's Fly

We’ve got a solid body of work behind us for some of the world’s biggest brands, but we’re not content to rest on our laurels.

We move, we shake, we innovate. We’re the video production company you need.

Our clients
Our clients
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