Royal Holloway Case Study - Dragonfly Video Production


Case Study

Dragonfly was commissioned by Royal Holloway University to produce an extensive series of videos to showcase their professors, faculty heads and provide information of the roster of courses available to prospective students. The scope of the project was ambitious. We were tasked with interviewing all heads of faculty at the University; a shoot that would last several weeks and incur many hours in the edit suite.


Getting the right angles

This particular interview saw us using what is known as an ‘off camera address’ at the client’s request. This is a fairly classic corporate interview technique, and can be a welcome break from direct address delivery, where the subject stares straight down the lens. Whilst maintaining a relatively formal tone, this nature of address allowed subjects to feel relaxed – and ensured that the overall feeling of the videos was natural.
In order to keep things visually interesting, we placed subjects in their natural environments – whether it was a Physics professor in a lab, or a Literature expert in a library, with so many testimonial to record, it was important to keep things fresh and diverse across the content.
Here at Dragonfly, we’re passionate about making beautiful video. The straight-forward, simplistic nature of talking heads videos doesn’t mean that they have to be dull and dreary. We pride ourselves on our ability to set up eye-catching shots, use striking camera angles and highlight beautiful colours.
Tailored video content


Royal Holloway wanted to target this video series towards current and prospective students. The university wanted to promote the course range on offer, whilst also presenting the professors in a likeable, relaxed manner. It was also a great opportunity to showcase just how knowledgable the staff at Royal Holloway are, and really carry across the true passion that they all held for their subjects and research.

Adding interest


Another great asset to consider when commissioning talking head videos is B-roll footage. Our team will capture appropriate, relevant content that demonstrates your business or institution in action.
At Royal Holloway, we managed to get some excellent footage of professors teaching, carrying out experiments and interacting with their classes, as well as general footage of students in their field.
This footage really enhances any talking head video, allowing some visual variety and interest.


Watch the suite of videos for Royal Holloway