Viral Video

What’s the next big thing? What’s the new Harlem Shake? What can top the video of that cat playing the piano? What will grip the internet and become a global trend? And how do you produce a viral video which carries your brand to the audience.

Some people say no one knows, but some people just don’t know what they’re talking about. Creating a video that will take the world by storm is simple when you have a creative team like ours.

We’ve executed video campaigns that have garnered thousands of shares, produced short animated clips that have appeared on Mashable. The trick is to understand what kind of content people are not only going to like, but like so much that they cannot avoid sharing it with their friends across social media.

It’s about coming up with a concept that transcends stations, nations and generations. It’s about inventing something unique, captivating, something that will shock people, make them laugh, make them think.

Have an idea that you think will become the next internet phenomenon? Let’s talk about how we can make this a reality.

Looking to commission a viral video to publicise your brand, but have no clue what to do? We love nothing more than firing our synapses and throwing together a campaign that will drive traffic through to your website, publicise your service or increase brand awareness.

So let’s put our minds together and be inventive. Let’s be bold, courageous; make something that will be remembered for years to come, something that spawns imitators and reaction videos.

How ‘sticky’ is your video?

Creating a video which goes viral is every marketeers dream! A successful viral video will transport a brand globally with zero cost, being passed person to person vial social media. People will voluntarily share a good video without you having to lift a finger.

Choosing the right video production company to produce your viral video content is essential.

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