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Viral Videos

Making a Viral Video Production

How to become the next big thing

What will be the new Harlem Shake? What can top the video of that cat playing the piano? What will grip the internet and become a global trend? Just how do you produce a viral video that will carry your brand to millions?

Some people say that you can’t predict what will go viral. We disagree. By using in depth psychological evaluation and engineering every last detail of your video we can give it the edge when it comes to being shared.

We’ve run video campaigns that have received thousands of shares, and produced short animated clips that have appeared on sites all over the internet. The trick is to understand what kind of content people are not only going to like, but feel compelled to share with their friends across social media.

Riding the wave

These days, ordinary folk are transformed into global superstars overnight, for doing something amazing, or just plain weird. Without internet video it’s unlikely that anyone would hear of these bedroom heroes, that’s the power of viral video.

Many businesses have found ways of incorporating viral videos into their advertising campaigns, with varying degrees of success. A lot of companies even make adverts in the knowledge that they have the potential to become an internet hit.

If you want a real shot at going viral, it might be useful to find a company who are experts in this area of marketing, rather than trying a half-hearted attempt yourself – and potentially damaging the reputation of your business.

Did you know?

Time spent watching ‘Gangnam Style’ adds up to about 16,000 years.

YouTube user PewDiePie made over $4 Million from advertising in 2014.

Old Spice’s Viral Video campaign increased their sales figures by 107%.

With figures like this, it’s clear that viral videos are a formidable force on the Internet. With the help of Dragonfly, your message, brand and company can be a part of this weird and wonderful phenomenon.

Need some inspriration?
If you’re looking to commission a viral video to publicise your brand, but you don’t have a clue what to do then please get in touch with Dragonfly. We love nothing more than firing our synapses and throwing together a campaign that will drive traffic through to your website, publicise your service or increase brand awareness.

So let’s put our minds together and be inventive. Let’s be bold, courageous; make something that will be remembered for years to come, something that spawns imitators and reaction videos.

Helping you fly in a digital world

With over a decade in the video production industry Dragonfly can offer you the very best in bespoke video creation and help you make something that will grab the attention of online audiences with its innovation, originality, humour, emotion and share-ability.

Platforms such as YouTube offer a chance for millions of people to see a video that endorses your company. At Dragonfly we have the resources available to ensure that your video has the best chances at reaching a large amount of people, and ultimately, a large amount of potential clients.

So get with the times! Embrace the power of the internet and communicate your ideas to the world with Dragonfly.

``When you work with Dragonfly, you get a creative ally, helping you rise above the rest.``

Eddie King – Creative Director