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Video Campaign Management

Effective Video Campaign Management

Painting a bigger picture needs a bigger brush.

If you thought that all you had to do was produce a video and upload it to the internet, you don’t have the full picture. Having spent years creating videos for a myriad of both national and internationally renowned companies, we have been in the best position to observe all the trends of video advertising.

We’ve watched as viral videos became the buzz word of the day, animated video took on a whole life of its own and high production values came to even the smallest budget projects.

So if you’re looking for more than just an advertising video, we can construct a whole campaign of serialised films that ride on the crest of the industry’s latest wave. Whether it’s for television broadcast or the internet, we’ll tailor our productions to suit your vision.

Successful Video Campaigns

We’ve spent years making videos for all kinds of clients, so we’ve been able to watch the world of video marketing change and adapt. We’re in the best position to create and manage a video campaign that will ride the crest of the latest wave, whether you want a series of viral videos, or a primetime advert, we’ll tailor our service to suit your needs.

Video Campaigns

We’ve watched trends come and go, so we know how to create and manage a video campaign that can live in a nation’s memory for years to come, don’t you want to give your brand that kind of weight and staying power?

Making it stick

A well-crafted advertising campaign sticks in the mind, gets under the skin and makes an indelible mark in the memory of its audience, in today’s world video with these qualities is known as ‘sticky.’ Whether it’s pulling on their emotions, causing them to grab hold of their ribs with laughter, or shocking them into a stunned silence, our campaigns seek to burst through the viewer’s eyes and weave their way into their synapses.

The possibilities of effective video campaign management are quite simply limitless, relying only on how far you want to take it. If you like to think big, we like to create big. No matter how colossal the concept, or insane the idea, get in touch and let’s talk.

The Numbers Game

10 Seconds 

The amount of time you have to grab the viewer’s attention before they click away.


That’s the number of users who view video content on the internet each and every day.


The amount of people who’ll take action after watching a video that caught their attention.

We have the numbers, and we know how this game works. We’ve been around long enough to spot the patterns, learn all the tricks in the book, and become masters at running effective video campaigns. Get in touch and talk to Dragonfly today about getting more mileage from your marketing.

We know how to play this game, and we’ve got all the industry knowledge to run an effective campaign for your brand. Why don’t you find out more about how we can help you?

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