Video Advertising Strategies

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Video Advertising Strategies

Video Advertising Strategies With a Focus

A targeted plan of action to make sure your video gets seen

You need to get your video production noticed, but it can be hard to compete in a world where hours and hours of video content is uploaded every minute. How do you ensure your video stands out from the crowds?

With our bespoke video advertising strategies you don’t have to worry about your video getting lost, we can take care of every last detail for you.

Keeping our eyes on the prize

Compared to the traditional print advert, video advertising is relatively more expensive requiring a more measured approach to targeting. If you don’t know exactly who you’re targeting and how you’re going to do it before you begin, then you might as well not have made a video in the first place.

At Dragonfly we are constantly studying the trends in successful video marketing, watching video go viral and learning how people engage with online content; This means that when you come to us with your brand or your company’s goals, we’ve already done our homework and we can begin planning your winning media strategy.

Understanding your audience

The most successful way of reaching your audience is to understand them, what their behaviours and tastes are, what they want, and how to give it to them.

We always do extensive market research to fully understand your industry, examining what your competitors are producing and the levels of audience interaction we can expect, and determining a plan of action to reach these people.

By closely considering the metrics that we use as keys to success, we’ll develop a bespoke video advertising plan specifically tailored for your audience and your goals, be it viewer interaction, increased brand awareness or sales conversions.

Taking you further

From our creative services, to our video production and our animation department, we’re a holistic production company that always looks at the bigger picture.

When it comes to producing videos for advertising, we like to understand just what kind of impact our clients are expecting to make. This means that we can focus our creative energies on producing the right kind of strategy to suit their needs.

Our job doesn’t end when we’ve come up with a plan though, we take you through the whole production and advertising process making sure we’re focusing on the four main areas:

Target Audience

Frequency of viewership and production

Predictive Learning

Cross-media Development

A tried and tested approach that lets us maximise our results, increase conversions, strengthen business and ultimately make you money.

Want to know more about what we can do for you? Don’t hesitate. Get in touch today and find out about how strategic video marketing can better your business.

``When you work with Dragonfly, you get a creative ally, helping you rise above the rest.``

Eddie King – Creative Director