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How to make good Commercials

From Superbowl Sunday to screens in supermarkets, commercials are what sell your products

At Dragonfly we provide unique, catchy commercials for any type of business. Our unbeatable videographers, animators, editors and writers offer hands-on assistance to create engaging videos for any specific service or product.

Does your business have an important message to share?  A well executed commercial has the power to inform and influence your target audience in just a few seconds.

Video ads account for 12.8% of all videos viewed online. A meaningful commercial is not only memorable, but will pave the way for your company’s future.

Great Commercial Videos

Commercial video has long been the first port of call for companies wanting to make a splash with their advertising. A meaningful video will stay in people’s minds and has the power influence your audience in just a few short seconds. 12.8% of all videos viewed online are commercials, so make sure you’re a part of this great arena for businesses.

Commercial Videos

If you’ve got a brand message to share, or a new product to sell, then look no further than video. It’s the most effective way to influence your audience, in just a few seconds.

A history of advertising

Commercials have been around as long as money, they’ve made their way from simple signs to printed media, then into television screens, cinema screens – now they’re popping up everywhere! Boards in shopping centres and bus stops, huge digital billboards, commercials continue to appear in more and more public places.

Commercials are everywhere because they work, people use them as the first line in marketing and we can help you make a good one. The expert production team at Dragonfly not only produce original video adverts but transform ideas and make sure their clients receive the best results possible.

Different video advertising

Commercials have been around a long time and they’re everywhere today for one good reason. Because they work. We don’t just produce original advertising for you, we’ll transform your ideas of what advertising can be, and make sure that you’re getting the best results.

Video advertising

Commercials are everywhere you look these days. Why? Because they work. We’ll transform your ideas about advertising, and get you the best results.

Get it right!

A good commercial video can make people laugh or cry, they can make people buy into your brand and rush out to get their hands on your latest offering! A bad commercial can damage your reputation and build all the wrong associations with your company.

At Dragonfly we know the difference, and we’re happy to talk to you about making something unique to wow your audience and boost up that revenue.

Make sure you stand out

Good commercial video can really tap into your audience’s mind and make them rush out to get their hands on your latest product. We’re here to make you something that will stun your viewers, and boost your sales.

Stand out

Good commercial video can get your audience rushing out to buy your latest product. Dragonfly are here to make you a video that will stun your viewers, and boost your sales.

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