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Storyboard Artwork

Compelling Storyboard Artwork

Sketching out your visual script, scene by scene

Storyboard artwork is one of those vital first steps in your video that can have a huge impact on the rest of the production. Getting the visual look right, considering camera angles, developing concept art and sketching out editing cuts is all done at this early stage, so that when it comes to production, everyone know what they need to do and works together as a coherent team.

Think of a storyboard like a map, it’s a plan for your video from the opening shot right through to the end credits, and without a good storyboard, it can be easy to get lost.

Storybord artwork

A well considered storyboard is essential during the planning stages of video production. Dragonfly excel at storyboarding and we go the extra mile to ensure a video project is sketched out properly in advance of any production work. It’s essential in our view, and we never start filming without one.


Your storyboard is your visual map. We can help you make sure that everyone has the right directions at the beginning, to give you a smooth ride in the production stages of your video.

Explaining something that doesn’t exist

Good storyboard artwork is vital -We won’t go into production without it. It’s absolutely necessary to make sure you know what you’re doing, but it’s also a great tool for explaining to others the full scope of your creative vision.

Whether you’re looking to bring in outside help, convince your clients that this is the film for them, or secure funding for your video, a good storyboard is the perfect visual aid. Having a striking and clear storyboard can be the difference between winning the pitch, or being rejected.

More story, less bored

A comic strip full of stick men might make sense to you, but it’s pretty abstract and can be hard for everyone to get the same creative vision that you’re having. Our professional storyboard artists can create a rich and atmospheric run through of your video and really put across your ideas to everyone else.

Dragonfly has some of the most creative and talented artists in the industry on our book, they’re experts at explaining things with a drawing or two (which mean’s they’re pretty much unbeatable at Pictionary.) Get in touch today to see some of their work and find out whose style works best for you.

Sharing your vision

A well-made storyboard can be a great way of explaining your project to outside parties. Whether you’re looking for funding, or you need to show your shareholders what’s going on, a storyboard is the perfect visual aid. Our artists can get all kinds of details, atmosphere and emotion into your storyboard, so everyone knows exactly what you’re working towards.

Show and tell

If you need to explain your project to someone then your storyboard is the next best thing to a finished film. Dragonfly’s artists can make sure your vision is as clear to everyone else as it is in your head.

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