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Idea Development and Ideation Dragonfly


Need to inject some fresh thinking into your brand?

We’re ideas people, imaginative creatives that can’t wait to get their teeth stuck into new and exciting projects. Nothing gets our blood pumping like the client who comes to us with the barest of bones, looking for a new and innovative way to express their ideas.

It’s the reason we get out of bed in the morning, and why we sleep well at night.

We’ve worked with some big names in a variety of national and international industries, so we know the demands and pressures that important deadlines place on projects. Most importantly we know how to deal with them, so we can stay creative and keep working to help your business shine.

Video Concepts which work


Our concept development team pride themselves on their ability to make things work, turning dead ended scripts into navigable narratives and polishing off rough sketches to find that diamond deep within.

We’ve found that engaging with our clients in ideas focused sessions can really draw the best out of both of us. We can bounce basic ideas back and forth, turning them into fully functioning projects, take thin concepts and turn them into concrete compositions.

Bespoke Video Services


So you want a corporate video produced – something that’s going to be shareable across multiple platforms and build up traffic? Traditional corporate productions just won’t cut it on the battlefield of the web, in today’s world you need a video that will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Producing a creative video with a strong message, clever art direction and gripping sound design will separate you from the ocean of poor video content out there. Take a look some of our work here, and see how Dragonfly can help you soar above the rest.
Programmatic advertising is making it even easier for businesses to target their exact market place, based upon consumer search history. What we can do at Dragonfly is ensure that your video content is getting into the best advertising space your money can buy, based on an exact and scientific approach to finding your audience.



Our video production services

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Dragonfly, a video production company in London.