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Script Writing Services

Professional Script Writing

Putting pencil to paper, to put your point across perfectly

You’ve got an idea for a video and you’re convinced it’s going to be the next big thing. Maybe the next festival winner – or maybe that elusive viral video that’s going to get you noticed by millions of people.

But you can’t quite get the concept together in your head. You’re struggling to piece together a convincing script, and you constantly feel like there’s something not quite right about it. You’re not alone. Many clients come to us in need of some script writing assistance from the intuitive and imaginative minds of our professional writers.

From a scribble to the screen

At Dragonfly we provide a total script writing service, right through from the crazy, idea-bouncing development phase, to the drafting process and beyond. We love nothing more than giving a simple concept wings and watching proudly as it flies off into the distance.

Our script writing service will put you in direct touch with our writers to flesh out your ideas. You’ll give them your imagination, your thoughts, your market and your purpose. After a quick conversation they’ll be able to turn around a tightly honed screenplay that brings your ideas together with their imaginations.

Script Editing Services

Perhaps you’ve drafted a script for a film or a short video – you know the concept’s there but you feel that the script just isn’t working. Maybe you’ve run yourself into a plot hole and can’t find your way out. Or maybe you just need the deft touch of a script editor to turn your screenplay up a notch.

Whatever the reason, our in-house script editors have a sharp eye for detail and a nose for strong narratives. Their quick witted minds are analytical and creative, they can fill in all those tiny details that you missed, and iron out any kinks in character development and plot.

If you want to know more about how we can help make your script the best it can be, get in touch with Dragonfly to talk to one of our script writers today.

Already have a script but not sure how long it will take to read on screen? Check out our handy Script Length Calculator to get a pretty good estimate of how long your video will be.

The Advantages Of Professional Script Writing

Our in-house writing staff have a highly developed ability to shape words and sentences into meaningful and emotional phrases, they work closely with them for a living. They’re used to providing the most complex of ideas with the most elegant of explanations.

A consistency in tone throughout your video production can also ensure a strong brand identity, and a solid, tight script says much more than a waffling verse ever could.

Whatever you want to say, a professional script writer can help you say it better – after all, they’re the experts.

``When you work with Dragonfly, you get a creative ally, helping you rise above the rest.``

Eddie King – Creative Director