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Interactive Video Services

Interactive Video Services, From Dragonfly

Video that’s made to be played with, not just played.

If you thought video was a thing you just sat back and watched, then you can think again.

The internet has paved the way for a new wave of fascinating (and frankly mind boggling) techniques for creating and delivering content. Probably most impressive of these is the advent of interactive video.

Engaging, captivating, enticing. Getting your audience to sit down and watch through your video is a thing of the past – now it’s time to get them actually interacting with what they see on the screen.

Picture it. You’ve just launched a new line in clothing, so why not make the fashion show a clickable product selection that links straight to your shopping basket? Do you have a new product that you want to demonstrate? Now you can let your audience interact with it and get a taster of what they can expect as you lead them to that all important sale.

Welcome to the future of video

Unlike the gimmick of 3D television, interactive video is here to stay. It’s a powerful tool that not only broadcasts your ideas, but lets people truly engage with them. What better way to get people to buy, to follow or to simply remember you, than by making them an active part of an unforgettable experience.

With mobile browsing becoming as popular as breathing, you can now reach out from behind the screen to wherever your viewers are. Bring them into the production through camera phone integration, or bamboozle them with a video transfigured by their locality based on their GPS position.

It’s a brave new world for video, and the impossible becomes possible almost every day! We make sure that we’re at the front of the pack, offering you the very latest in what’s possible to stun and amaze your audience.

There is no better engagement object

Give your viewers an incentive to find out more, make that sale, drive that traffic to your website. With interactive video you can create a campaign that captures the global imagination.

Internet access and computing technology have developed to a point where we can really get creative with the content we produce. So come and talk to us, and get ready to stand out from the masses of online video content with something truly unique.

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