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Vector Animation

Vector animation allows cleaner, smoother animation with bold colours and striking visuals.

Think of slick 2D computer animation, cool stylised assets, and block colours and textures – that’s vector animation.

But what is Vector Animation?

Now, vector animation is the most general term out of all these styles. So, if you can’t quite put your finger on which style you want, it’s likely that you’re looking for a vector animation.

One of vector animation’s greatest strengths is just how broad it can be. 2D character animation can be done in a vector style – and so can a lot of motion graphics and animated infographics. It can also be one of the most cost effective and impactful ways to tell your story.

Vector animations are the bread and butter of a lot of animation studios. They don’t require a huge team, lots of your time – or a Hollywood budget. They’re also so versatile that they can address pretty much any message or issue – they can be moulded to be bouncy and fun, serious and mature – you name it.

Done well, vector animations can be just as breathtaking, unique and special as any other kind of animation.

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Eddie King – Creative Director