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British Transport Police

British Transport Police - Case Study

Some insight into the production of this video

Dragonfly’s Founder and CEO, Charlie Southall.

The British Transport Police approached Dragonfly to come up with a campaign to combat alcohol related antisocial behaviour on the transport network.

Our objective was to change behaviour, so we knew that we couldn’t just shine a light on the issue, we needed to create something with real impact. We’re well known for creating video with real purpose, so we loved the challenge.

The concept we developed was called The Aftermath.

We jump into the story part way through. We see a man in a train station toilet talking to himself in the mirror after something dramatic has happened. We don’t know exactly what, but there are some clues that transpire as he processes the situation.  

We wanted to capture the emotion of instant regret and that internal battle between conscience and self, so we had his conscience talk back at him through his reflection in the mirror. 

What we witness on screen is someone coming to terms with something which will potentially change them forever. The video was designed to trigger caution in the people that watched it. Creating a good campaign is about understanding people and human behaviour. There’s actually a lot of psychology that went into the concept. 

Our director worked very closely with our actor to get genuine emotion into his performance. It was important to show the vulnerability of the character, and so for the closing shot, we filmed him from distance, which amplified that reflective loneliness.

Sound design also played a big part in setting the mood. We added the sound of a train departing without him, followed by the noise of a prison cell door locking, in order to leave the audience in no doubt that the guy was coming to terms with something pretty serious.

The tagline we came up with was, ‘Having a drink can cost more than you think.’

Clear, memorable, to the point, and it worked. 

The British Transport Police were absolutely thrilled and there was a reduction in alcohol related antisocial behaviour on the transport network.

  • British Transport Police

    Dragonfly developed a very clever campaign video for us on a limited budget. They managed the project so well and we would highly recommend their team to others

    Jo Hall
    British Transport Police

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