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DIY Website Video’s

First impressions mean everything in business, and customers can be a fickle bunch. Your website is often the first point of contact between your company and potential clients, and if something seems poorly made or unprofessional about your site, it could turn people off immediately. Inexplicably, many companies rely on homemade promotional videos to try and entice clients to their website, a decision that often backfires. Although this is intended as a way of saving costs and time, the consequences of such a decision can be destructive rather than beneficial. All of the effort you went to creating a professional looking website will become redundant if clients are presented with a low quality website video on the homepage.

Unfortunately, most companies are unfamiliar with the huge amount of work and expertise required to create a high quality promotional video – it stretches far beyond simply filming and editing. For those looking to create a truly impressive video, it is the professional techniques and methods that will really take your work to the next level. In order to achieve this, it is highly advisable to acquire the assistance of a video production company – just as your company has a specific industry that you strive to be the best in, so do specialist video production companies strive to be the best in theirs!

Most reliable companies will provide case studies and previous examples of work upon request, so be sure to inquire about this information before seeking their help. By employing a video production company, you can ensure that the final project will be a good reflection of your brand and ethos, and will not harm your overall image.

Although it will require some initial investment on your part, having a video production company complete the project often actually saves money and time. Companies that attempt to create their promotional videos without guidance often end up exceeding budget and time restraints, due to inexperience and lack of resources. A professional video production company will have access to the latest recording and editing equipment, and will be capable of adding various special effects and other tricks to help your video become engaging and memorable, and more effective.

As many companies have realised over the years, sometimes you need to set aside your ego in order to succeed. Although the idea of putting on a beret and shouting down a megaphone might seem appealing, it is best left to the professionals. Try to resist submitting one of your own scripts, or offering yourself up for the lead role, and let the production company do the hard work for you. But ultimately, the final product has to be a reflection of your company, and has to represent you in a positive light. In order to ensure that this is the case, be sure to work closely with the production company throughout the process. Just don’t expect your name to appear in the end credits…

Author Charlie Southall

Charlie Southall is the Founder and CEO of Dragonfly, a London based video production and animation company. His work has taken him aceoss the globe, and he has worked with clients like Amazon, Google, Honda, and Sony. Charlie is now a successful businessman – but things could have turned out very different. He started his business on The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme with just a business start-up loan and an unshakeable resolve to follow his passion - videography and animation.

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