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Tips on How to Get Your Video Seen.

Promoting your corporate video might seem like a challenging prospect but, in today’s internet age, it actually couldn’t be easier.

Although the phenomenon of video sharing online may seem impressive to those who are unfamiliar with the workings of the internet, it is far from surprising. Video has long been the most effective and engaging manner of conveying a message or idea, and the rise of video social media sites such as YouTube and Vine proves that this is a trend that refuses to slow down. In business, video holds the same potential to become a powerful tool for any company looking to promote their ideas and name. By seeking the guidance of a promotional video company, you can learn about the most effective ways to create a buzz around your promotional videos.

Sharing online is undeniably the best way to get people talking about your video, but knowing how to share efficiently is a skill in itself. By uploading a video to YouTube, you then have the option further share your work through sites like Facebook and Twitter, opening up your video to a whole new audience. Getting your work onto social media sites is great, as you can actually track who is watching the video, and contact the viewers directly. The key to successful sharing is to share it relentlessly, and this can even extend to emailing previous clients your promotional videos, to keep your company fresh in their minds. However, the line between sharing and spamming is thin, and many companies sending multiple links and videos to clients can actually harm their image. By following the guidance of a professional promotional video company, your sharing will be perceived as informative, rather than annoying.

However, if you are struggling to find the balance, often simply posting the video on your website will suffice. Unfortunately, this only applies to companies who already have a relatively large audience. For companies looking to make a name for themselves in the world of business, sharing is crucial. In order to truly generate excitement around your promotional videos, it is wise to hire a promotional video company to take charge of this crucial process for you.

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The internet is the best tool you could possibly have at your disposal when promoting a video, make sure you utilise it!

Author Charlie Southall

Charlie Southall is the Founder and CEO of Dragonfly, a London based video production and animation company. His work has taken him aceoss the globe, and he has worked with clients like Amazon, Google, Honda, and Sony. Charlie is now a successful businessman – but things could have turned out very different. He started his business on The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme with just a business start-up loan and an unshakeable resolve to follow his passion - videography and animation.

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