Production Value

Production Value

The prices of video services, explained.

How much will it cost?

If you think a video production service is going to cost you, wait until you have a bad one made! 

From a simple whiteboard animation to a soul-stirring live action film, the costs of video services vary drastically. Think of purchasing a video like shopping for a house. Would your first question be "How much is a house?" Well, no. Because there are mansions, ranches, flats, and so on. The answer depends on your budget and your needs.

The prices of video services, explained.

Putting your budget at the heart of what we do

The best question to ask our team is "What type of video can I get for my budget?" The good thing about this is, Dragonfly will always take your cost cap, however modest it may be, and amplify it into a brilliant final product. And if you don't like the idea of paying quality prices, then just wait until you see what a cheap video costs your business...
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Your budget drives our work

With our videos, there is no ceiling to creativity. If your budget is generous, we’ll use our highest-grade equipment and most experienced cinematographers (or animators). Also, when clients come to us with a modest budget, we're passionate about maximising the potential for those productions too. As long as you are upfront with us, we'll make sure your money is well spent.

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Stretching your investment

Dragonfly makes the right video production partner because we're able to transform even the smallest budgets into breathtaking videos. We're your innovators. After 15 years, we are confident that each choice we make will maximise results for our clients. This is crucial whether you're spending £2,000 or £20,000.

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Our price promise

Our promise is simple: what we quote you is what you'll pay. No hidden fees or unexpected costs for your final video. From start to finish, we'll work strictly to your cost cap. We've crafted many films and animations without a penny to spare, so we know how to always come in on budget. Why? Because we use your funds honestly and we leave no room for blind spots in our planning.

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A truly unique video partner

Each video we produce is born from fresh, imaginative ideas you won't get from any other team. Remember, without an effective video you are saying nothing to no one. Your video has a job to do. So, no matter what we will make sure that it uplifts your audience, and most importantly, converts. A Dragonfly video delivers a return on your investment and much more. 

Large scale projects

Large scale projects

Economy Of Scale

Working on number of videos at once drastically reduces video production costs for us - and we like to pass this benefit on to our clients.

Producing content in this way allows us to cut the cost of each video by up to 60% of the list price for a single video


Producing multiple videos at once will always shave production time, allowing for a more efficient production schedule.Working on a video series can reduce overall pre-production time, allowing our team to work from defined structural templates.

An On-Going Relationship

Throughout the process, our team will get to know your key objectives, internal systems and timelines.There'll be no need for lengthy introductions at the start of each project - we can get into the swing of things, secure in our knowledge of your business and project goals.

Future Projects

Once we've got all of your templates, assets and content, we'll be able to continue to work on-demand in a cost-effective and timely manner.Eliminating the need for on-going administration on your end, we can become your go-to team for all video production and project management.

Dragonfly's Top Tips

A few things to be aware of when commissioning video

Will you actually own your project?

Commissioning a video can be a pretty hefty investment, and once you’ve forked out a chunk of your marketing budget, it’s important that you actually own your project and all the individual assets. Over the years, we’ve heard all sorts of stories about other production companies who hold projects hostage. You’ll agree a price – have the video made – and then at the very end you’re landed with a chunky 20% extra bill just to have access to the project files.

When you work with Dragonfly, you’ll own everything that goes into your video. From the illustrated elements to the voiceover, we never charge extra to release your assets. It’s just not our style.

Is the work original?

By now, we’re sure you’ve seen plenty of tacky, templated and un-original content all over the web. The internet is saturated with these kinds of videos – and they can actually damage your brand. Some companies will talk a big game about their in-house animation team – but then sneakily work from their backlog of pre-existing illustrations and project files.

Here at Dragonfly, we never second sell – it’s against our ethos to use tired old graphics and templated content. Our projects are bespoke, and all start from a blank sheet of paper – which is how we produce such eye-catching, innovative work.

Is everything included in the price?

The cost of video can be a tricky one to get your head around. At Dragonfly, we’re always upfront about our costs – which is why we produce price-breakdowns for all quotes. This will give you a full understanding about what’s included in our agreement, and properly outline what you can expect from us throughout production.

If you decide that you require any additional services from us – like social media edits, subtitles – you name it – we’ve got a handy and transparent rate card, which you can refer to at any time.



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