The Falkland Islands

We were asked by the Falklands Islands to produce a 60-90 second animated video to explain the potential impact of Brexit on the Falkland Islands. The video was to issue a call to action to viewers to support the position that: ‘A good Brexit deal for the UK must also be a good deal for the Falkland Islands’.

The Falklands Islands wanted to reach out to UK Members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament, other political influencers, journalists, academics, economists and credible public figures who may have already sympathetic to the Falkland Islands, but did not necessarily fully understand the importance of a fair deal from Brexit for the Islands’ economic future.
It was key that we carried across the message that ‘the economic prosperity of the Falkland Islands is built on our hard-won tariff and quota free access to the European Union market for our fish and meat exports.’