Here at Dragonfly, we love nothing more than creating spectacular videos that make bold statements. It’s all about standing out from the market, and there’s no better way of doing that than by creating distinctive, exciting video.
We were lucky enough to be commissioned by Puma to produce a series of video presentations to highlight Puma’s product placement in music videos, TV programmes, social media posts and in print and online media.

When commissioned to do a round-up video, it’s incredibly easy to make something boring. Taking clips and photos and mashing them together into a slow, ordinary presentation would have been the easy, underwhelming option for this project – but we wouldn’t have been satisfied.

Instead, we got a team together of our best editors and motion graphics designers, tasking them to take the raw footage and make something eye-catching and engaging. We opted for fast, snappy transitions, with glitchy, colourful overlays to produce an edgy and modern effect, in line with Puma’s brand identity.