Joseph Giles

Here at Dragonfly, we’ve been lucky enough to work within all sorts of weird, wonderful and unexpected industries. However, we were pretty surprised when we were asked to make a promotional video about doorknobs.
Joseph Giles are designers, manufacturers and trade suppliers of high-end hardware for doors, windows and cabinets, used all over the globe. Whilst the products on offer at Joseph Giles are of a stunningly high quality, it can’t be denied that making a video about this kind of subject matter is hard work. ​
When faced with challenging subject matter, our team fully commit to researching and digging around the industry in question. We spent time with the team at Joseph Giles in attempt to get a feeling of who they are as a business, painting a full picture of their core messages and goals.
We visited glassblowers, blacksmiths, tanneries, metal workshops and were truly struck by the impressive and intricate craftsmanship behind the products. This was clearly the best way to showcase what the company had to offer.


We employed a number of different filming techniques to fully capture the detail of the work that takes place in the workshops, using Macro lenses to focus in on the beautiful production process involved in making the fixtures.

It was important to us that we captured the essence of the business – the true craftsmanship and attention to detail, highlighting the long hours and tiresome work that goes into honing these skills. Visually, we also thought it was important to focus in on the exquisite textures, colours and finishes of the products – something that Joseph Giles pride themselves on. 
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Joseph Giles 2
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