Dominos - Case Study

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Dominos - Case Study

We were incredibly excited when Dominos approached the Dragonfly team, asking for a series of videos to make up a viral social media campaign. Viral videos demand short, snappy content – with concepts that captivate or amuse an audience. Dominos wanted to make one thing very clear to their audience: they hate frozen pizzas.

To illustrate this point, our creative team came up with an ingenious idea: each video in the series would be an assault on the frozen pizza – destroying them using a number of eccentric, dramatic methods: Blasting them with dry ice, a flame thrower, a chainsaw, a Martial Arts expert, a wood chipper and a Goliath.

Dominos 1
Dominos 2
Dominos 3
The Cost

We make the most of your budget

Dominos 4
Dominos 5

We always base project costs each individual budget. Even with a low budget, our team of producers can work out the best way to make the most of your money, cutting all unnecessary frills and squeezing as much content as possible into your filming days. On this occasion, we filmed the entire suite of videos in just one day. Using expert planning skills, tight time keeping and an organised crew, our production team ensured that the client would receive the top quality content they were after, even with a modest budget.

We love to share this project with clients as an example of the high-quality work that we can produce on a tight budget. This demonstrates a real return on investment, displaying value for money whilst giving the impression of a high production value. There’s a huge benefit to working with a production company like Dragonfly – especially on a tight budget.

With less money to spend, you might be tempted to approach a freelancer. However, we argue that it’s even more important to work with an experienced production team if the project budget is low. With less money to play with, it’s even more crucial to ensure that the work is done right.

Whilst the one-man-bands may be able to quote small figures, it’s worth remembering that this direction lacks the support of an established, experienced production team. Here at Dragonfly, we include pre and post production planning in our project quotes – it’s on us to ensure that your project is created and delivered on time, on budget – and to a stunningly high quality.

The final videos


Wood chipper

Liquid Nitrogen