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Utilising Video SEO

Although a large majority of consumers would invest significant time into researching the best companies available to them, many consumers who are perhaps inexperienced or pressed for time, will not. Unfortunately, this tends to mean that when the consumer uses search engines and the list of results appears, they are quite happy to click the first thing that pops up. This not only affects the standard of service that the consumer will receive, it also affects the companies whose names appear further down the search results.

This problem is further amplified when considering the issue of promotional videos in search results. Although your video may address the problems or provide advice that the user is searching for, various factors can affect the rankings of your content in the search results. One way to even the playing field for your business is to explore the marketing tool that is video SEO. This method can be the key to standing out amongst your competitors, and will ensure that if a consumer is seeking information on a topic that you have covered previously in a video, the video will appear alongside the other search results. The best way to guarantee that your video climbs the search results rankings is to provide quality, informative content and have a clear video title.

Ultimately, there is no point to having your content sitting proudly at the top of the search results if the video is not of a high standard. Another aspect that is often overlooked is the benefits of video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Although these sites have their place in terms of helping new people discover your content, it is vital to also publish your work onto your own website. This will direct people who stumble onto your video straight to your domain, allowing the video to serve as a stepping-stone for consumers to find out more about your company. Despite various methods existing to help your videos place higher in the search results, many search engines display videos based on views. This can lead to videos that are not relevant to the initial search placing higher than your own.

Although views can be obtained through certain methods such as creating several accounts to watch the videos with, many people consider this approach unethical, and the best approach is to ensure that the video is optimised for search engines by containing several specific keywords and titles.

If you’d like to know some more about video SEO services, follow the link. We’ve listed some really useful facts and figures that can offer some great insight into getting your business up there in Google search rankings.

Author Charlie Southall

Charlie Southall is the Founder and CEO of Dragonfly, a London based video production and animation company. His work has taken him aceoss the globe, and he has worked with clients like Amazon, Google, Honda, and Sony. Charlie is now a successful businessman – but things could have turned out very different. He started his business on The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme with just a business start-up loan and an unshakeable resolve to follow his passion - videography and animation.

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