It’s that time of year again!

The new John Lewis commercial has landed!

  • Arguably the most eagerly anticipated advert of the year, John Lewis’ new Christmas offering once again pulls on the nation’s heartstrings whilst raising awareness for the charity Age UK.
  • The £1 million pound production #ManOnTheMoon stays faithful to the established John Lewis sentiment and celebrates the joy of giving- rather than receiving- at Christmas.

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2015

Music: Half a world away by ‘Aurora’

The hype around John Lewis’ annual Christmas advert increases year on year, and this year’s offering- shared by the retailer today on Twitter with over 64.8k retweets at the time of writing- looks set to be just as popular as its precursors.

Whilst we felt that last year’s offering Monty the Penguin did not quite match up to the wonderful 2013 animation The Bear & The Hare, this years commercial once again proved that the tried and tested John Lewis formula is certainly one that works.

The Man On The Moon- made once again by Adam & Eve/DDB- features a six-year-old girl who spots a lonely old man living on the moon through her telescope. After a few unsuccessful attempts to establish communication, she manages to send a present via helium balloons to the old man who, upon receiving his gift, sheds a tear of joy. True to John Lewis’ established form, the advert focuses upon the joy of giving rather than receiving at Christmas in a continued move toward harnessing the emotional loyalty of audiences.

As in previous years, the advert features highly emotive music (which are often covers) and no speech. The track this year is ‘Half a World Away’, an Oasis cover by 19-year-old Norwegian singer Aurora and is typically breathy and ethereal (think Ellie Goulding circa 2010 or Lily Allen 2013). The advert is beautifully shot; this is subtle yet poignant storytelling and so far the public response to the video has been highly favourable.

John Lewis have invested a huge amount in their adverts over the last seven years, and whilst this advert itself may only have cost £1million to shoot, the company have put aside £5 million for securing prime TV and internet slots. This spending is definitely well placed, as the annual adverts have increased not only customer awareness of the retail giant but have positioned John Lewis as a market leader in this emotionally charged type of advertising. The Independent has claimed that John Lewis even brings in psychologists to help them emotionally connect with viewers, and Man On The Moon looks set to sway at least some of the most hardy of seasonal sceptics.

This is perhaps because, in an age of selfish consumerism, it’s refreshing to see a company with such a massive cultural platform encourage charitable giving at Christmas. All year round- but especially at Christmas- many other retailers are shoving products down people’s throats without tapping into collective sensitivities about festive guilt. John Lewis has once again proven that the engendering of emotional loyalty is without a doubt the most effective promotional tool a business can use at Christmas time.

Below we have compiled for you the last eight years worth of tear-jerking John Lewis commercials. Each one is accompanied with info on the music. Enjoy!

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2014

Music: Real Love byTom Odell

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2013

Music: Lily Allen’s version of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2012

Music: “the power of love” by Gabrielle Aplin.

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2011

Music: “Please, please, please” from Slow Moving Millie

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2010

Music: Ellie Goulding track ‘Your Song’

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2009

Music: ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ covered by Taken By Trees

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2008

Music: “From me to you” sung by Matt Spinner, (a member of the John Lewis IT department)

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