With Halloween behind us, bonfire night done and the final instalment of ‘America’ screened live to our homes – what more is there left to look forward to?

A bigger event than even the switching on of the Oxford St Xmas lights, the annual release of the John Lewis Christmas commercial is upon us!

Within 3 hours of this years realise, it has clocked up 6million views online. Social media around the globe illuminated with posts, tweets, likes and comments. This year, is is not the usual tear jerker. John Lewis have opted for comedy this time round. Sure, the advert is very good and it does tweak the heart strings, however it really is no patch on previous years offerings in our opinion.

John Lewis have been investing heavily in their Christmas advertisement for seven years now. In fact, its not so much a TV commercial anymore, because many of us would most likely discover the commercial online, pushed towards us by a Facebook buddy – something John Lewis know only too well.

Last year was part of a £7 million campaign, with £1 million blown on the production, £5 million on TV air time and £1 million on advertising elsewhere. What we like about this latest big budget commercial, is that it could signal a tiny shift back to commercials with whopping great big budgets. This is only ever a good thing for us – the audience.

Our fear is a trend to involve a charity and to attempt to highlight a cause. Last year it was loneliness with the ‘man on the moon’ concept and this year it is the Wildlife Trust. Whilst we support charity and understand the logic, the by-product of this charity tie-in is to the restrict the creative team right down. The creative concept this year had to include woodland wildlife., meaning many good video concepts were off the table from the outset.

I’m afraid we prefer the unofficial student version and believe they hit on a much better concept!

Previous years John Lewis Commercials

Eight years worth of John Lewis commercials for you. 2008-2015. Each one is accompanied with info on the music. Enjoy!

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2015

Music: Aurora, Half a World Away

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2014

Music: Real Love by Tom Odell

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2013

Music: Lily Allen’s version of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2012

Music: “the power of love” by Gabrielle Aplin

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2011

Music: “Please, please, please” from Slow Moving Millie

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2010

Music: Ellie Goulding track ‘Your Song’

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2009

Music: ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ covered by Taken By Trees

John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2008

Music: “From me to you” sung by Matt Spinner, (a member of the John Lewis IT department)

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