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So recently we brought you the news that LucasFilm is to open up a  new branch of their Industrial Light and Magic department in London.

The department which is going to create a speculative 200 jobs for British filmmakers is still in the process of recruiting, though they aren’t yet looking for specific VFX staff, but rather the more administrative and speculative.

If you follow this link here, you will find a list of their latest vancancies, from which you can narrow the search down to the UK.

At the moment they are looking for the following roles:


**This position is now filled, so they will most likely be stepping up their search for filmmaking talent pretty soon.**


Senior Accountant:

To take over sole financial control of the unit, you will need at least a BA in the relevant discipline as well as an accountancy qualification and experience with Oracle and SAP.

They are also looking for Speculative Applications:

Looking to hire world-class artists and production staff for a whole host of upcoming projects, this division is led by creative director Ben Morris (who has worked on Gravity, Gladiator and whole host of others) and animation director Michael Eames, who has equally been adorned in credits for huge hits like Harry Potter.

Whilst these are speculative applications, the opportunity is there to be grabbed, so make sure you do your research before you submit your resume and showreel. This could be the big break and you want to make sure your application is as strong as possible!