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Our Guide to Animated Videos

The world of animation has become a phenomenon of sorts in recent years, and the art has managed to diffuse its way amongst the most popular films and television programmes that are released every year. Part of the success that animation has received is due to the appeal to both adults and children. Popular shows such as Family Guy and South Park show that animation is not necessarily limited to younger audiences, and animated films are targeted towards the parents, as well as the children attending the cinema.

This dual appeal can be especially effective when applied in a business environment, in terms of incorporating animation into promotional videos. Anybody with a few bits of paper lying around could create a flipbook style animation, but the standard required for the business world demands expertise and various production methods.  Although many adults are unwilling to admit so, animation can actually be more engaging and intriguing in a promotional video than using real actors. The interest lies in the fact that animation can be manipulated to create effects that cannot be achieved in real life.

However, the process of creating animation is notoriously time consuming, and the flawless manner in which these animations are presented does not reflect the amount of work that is required for each piece. Hundreds of people can be working on an animation for a film or TV programme, as elements such as voice acting, writing and music must also be considered on top of the artwork. The production teams behind shows such as The Simpsons will often work on as many as 10 episodes at a time, in order to complete all aspects of the work within their set time scale.

Despite the majority of animations required by companies requiring much less work, there are still many different elements to consider. In the right hands, animation can become an excellent tool for any business looking to create a unique and memorable promotional video. Many companies claim to offer high quality animation services, but it is important to seek a reputable company with affordable prices. 

Here is Dragonfly’s Animated Video Example

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