Snapchat, despite its logo resembling more like an iteration of a Pacman game than what it actually was a fun social app that lets you send a funny video or perhaps flirtatious photo to individuals or a group in an instant. The point of difference compared to such apps as Instagram, Facebook etc. is that the photo or video will be deleted after a few seconds (of which you can specify in the app’s settings).

Controversy about Snapchat’s claim that it will destroy your photos/videos seconds after you’ve sent them to the receipient arose earlier on in the year, when it was found out that Snapchat doesn’t actually delete the files you’ve sent but just hides them on Android devices. Opening this up to hackers exploiting vulnerabilities and being able to access peoples’ private pictures and videos. This prompted Snapchat to update its Privacy Policy. Certainly, a few less nudie snaps may have been sent when this came to light.

Despite this debacle we actually quite rate Snapchat for its ease of use and nice of addition of being able to write captions, include emojis over the snap. We find its a good way to give friends, family, partners a quick insight into your day and what you’re up to, and vice-versa. This is why it tops our list as one of favourite apps of 2014.

snapchat screen

Hyperlapse is an app that I’ve just recently downloaded, but I know other members of the team have been using for a while. We were excited when Instagram announced the launch on iTunes, as it’s something that we’ve been waiting to try out. There are some great features within the app, for example you can alter the settings and make your hyperlapse up to 12x faster. Another great feature if the ability to easily switch between “selfielapse” and “hyperlapse” depending on your desire to create a hyperlapse of yourself or your surroundings. The in-built stabilisation feature also creates a cinematic quality to your videos. The hyperlapse app can easily handle various states of motion of the photographer. So it doesn’t matter if you’re running, on a moving bike, or sitting still, the app will still be able to hyperlapse it and distill the footage into a compact 30s.

hyperlapse logo and screenshot

Cinema Forms from Ikan was one of our favourite work related apps and we found it very useful for improving efficiency and management of the video production process. The app comes with a lot of free to use templates such as call sheets, talent forms, shot list, daily notes and so forth, but there are as you would expect some more complex forms which have to be purchased e.g. legal agreements. We like the fact that forms can be uploaded to the cloud and can be exported to email and PDF. Also, it allows for e-signatures helping us to get our documents sent out quickly. We shall definitely continue using this app in 2015 and look forward to future updates and further expansion of their template library.


  • 2014 was a great year for apps, and we certainly some great introductions into the Google Play & Apple App Store.
  • In this post, we round up some of our favourite apps of 2014 including SnapChat, Hyperlapse and Cinema Forms

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