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Having the Professionals Film your Event: Why is it so Important?

For businesses, hosting events is a huge part of finding success and expanding your client base. They offer an opportunity for your company to project an exciting and dynamic image, in a professional environment. Unfortunately, the buzz that a well-run event can conjure up often only extends to those who have bothered to attend on the day, and the initial excitement surrounding your company can quickly die away. One way to cement the attention that an event generates is to record it with the help of a professional video production team. By filming the event and placing it on your homepage or on various social media sites, potential clients will have access to footage that represents the attitude and atmosphere of your company.

Unfortunately, many attempts to record the event without professional help can leave the event seeming flat and even boring. Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely that every second of the event is going to be exciting and interesting. In the wrong hands, the footage could have a negative impact on the company image that you are trying to project, as a shaky and boring video could become tiresome quickly.

Efficient editing is key to retaining the attention of the viewer, and with the assistance of a professional production team even the longest events can be condensed into easily manageable and engaging videos lasting only a few minutes. Further methods can be employed to ensure that the video is as organic and raw as possible, whilst still portraying a positive image of your company. One way of ensuring this natural atmosphere is to be certain that the camera crew is filming in a discreet manner, and not being overly intrusive. Another aspect to consider when filming an event is the sound levels, and how to deal with unwanted background noises.

With the assistance of a professional video production team, issues that an event can throw up which may initially seem daunting can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Dragonfly have an excellent reputation for providing live event filming services and you can read more about our approach here.

Author Charlie Southall

Charlie Southall is the Founder and CEO of Dragonfly, a London based video production and animation company. His work has taken him aceoss the globe, and he has worked with clients like Amazon, Google, Honda, and Sony. Charlie is now a successful businessman – but things could have turned out very different. He started his business on The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme with just a business start-up loan and an unshakeable resolve to follow his passion - videography and animation.

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