Our position in the current crisis

Here at Dragonfly, we consider ourselves incredibly lucky. A lot of the work we do can be carried out remotely, and we've been continuing on, business-as-usual throughout the recent lockdown.

We've still been busy, continuing to give businesses and organisations a voice. We're proud to be working with the NHS, the British Medical Association and with Imperial College, to produce important informational videos.

We're confident that we continue to provide our high-quality service, no matter the circumstances.

Our position in the current crisis

Working Remotely

The present crisis feels closer to a war than a recession. It is isolating us, crippling the economy, whilst robbing us of our income and businesses. Yet there is something nice about slowing down – and with change. 

The word crisis comes from the Greek “to separate, or to sift” which means to keep only what is worth while. Now, that type of change is a good thing. 

We have no doubt you have been sifting and sorting as your priorities change. Marketing teams’ skills are now more valid than ever, because when things get back to normal, normal may look entirely different. Things could be changed for ever and you’ll need to spot an opportunity to really shine. 

The majority of our client liaisons have always been remote, and we so no reason for relations to suffer as a result of the new measures.

Here at Dragonfly, our team only do one thing: we help businesses communicate through video – and never has there been a more important time to say something. 

Make the most of your time, this will soon become a once was.

We'll continue to support you during this crisis.