How to find filming locations in the UK

In an age of CGI effects and green screen backgrounds, the art of finding real filming locations for a movie feels like it is slowly dying. Budding directors often wonder what the point is of finding an interesting, scenic location, when various programs and software are available to try and recreate the scenery from the […]

Favourite APPs of 2014

Snapchat, despite its logo resembling more like an iteration of a Pacman game than what it actually was a fun social app that lets you send a funny video or perhaps flirtatious photo to individuals or a group in an instant. The point of difference compared to such apps as Instagram, Facebook etc. is that […]

Videos and performance measurement

TL;DR Before producing video content you should carefully think about the intended purpose, target audience, the goals/objectives of the video e.g. brand awareness, acquisition focused, or to drive traffic and performance measurement – define what success looks like Various tools available to help measure performance. Many social media platforms have their own analytics dashboards such […]

John Lewis Christmas advert 2016

With Halloween behind us, bonfire night done and the final instalment of ‘America’ screened live to our homes – what more is there left to look forward to? A bigger event than even the switching on of the Oxford St Xmas lights, the annual release of the John Lewis Christmas commercial is upon us! Within 3 hours of this […]

3 Reasons To Have A Video On Your Home Page

TL;DR  First impressions count and content is king. Videos should engage the audience and create a positive impression of your brand. Ensure videos convey key information in a clear and concise manner – make the customer’s life easier. Avoid waffle and superfluous information. Leverage audio and visual effects in the video. Using music to set […]

Introduction to DSLR cameras

DSLRs have become extremely popular among video production companies particularly when producing video for web and promotional videos. Firstly, what does DSLR mean? It’s simple really, a DSLR is a digital SLR, and SLR derived from the single lens reflex cameras, giving us a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. Single lens reflect cameras have a mirror in front […]

Dragonfly’s Charlie Southall

TL;DR Dragonfly was started in 2005 by Charlie Southall when he was just 24 Dragonfly was started with help of a Prince’s Trust loan Video production and animation contracts were won within the first year. Dragonfly has produced work for Virgin, the NHS, Pepsico Dragonfly have produced some very creative projects for the charity and […]

Cheapest 4k professional cameras

TL;DR  RED Scarlet X is one of the cheapest options for a 4K camera. 4K cameras are capable of resolutions of 4096 x 3072 resulting in a total pixel count of over 12 million Other cheap 4K camera options include the Canon C500 and the NAB BlackMagic which retails at around £2,600 For top end video […]

Tips to make your showreel stand out

At Dragonfly we receive a daily deluge of speculative applications from filmmakers looking for work. More often than not, this comes in the shape of a showreel and a brief message that explains how they would like to get a job. The thing is that many of these applications look very similar, and it can […]